There’s plenty to see and do for families, singles or couples on tour. Check out our guide.

Things to Do In York

The city of York has a vast amount of history and dates back two thousand years, which includes the ancient walls of the Roman city, Jorvik Viking remains and the grandeur from Georgian York.

This city has many hidden attractions which are located away from the beaten track. There are many places to enjoy some vivid drink and food. The city of York offers more attractions per square mile than the majority of destination in the United Kingdom.

Things to Do in York When It’s Raining

The rain does not have to put a dampener on your visit to York as there are still many things that you can enjoy seeing and doing.

The Deep

The Deep is one of the many aquariums in this area and it is one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world.

This aquarium is home to three thousand five hundred fish, and includes spectacular sharks, a colony of penguins and a pair of green sawfish. The Deep attraction also offers visitors the chance to book a deep experience which means they get their own personal guide with a wealth of knowledge about the exhibits.

The Royal Armouries

The Royal Armouries is another attraction worth a visit whilst visiting Leeds which is located at Clarence Dock and within a short walk from the city centre of Leeds. This museum is home to eight thousand five hundred objects what are displayed in the five galleries, which includes war, self-defence, hunting, oriental and tournament. There is a live display of jousting for visitors to enjoy.

York Minster

Otherwise known as ‘The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter in York’, or ‘The Cathedral in York’, the Minster is one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe.

The National Emergency Services Museum

The National Emergency Services Museum is a great attraction for people of all ages. This museum is the largest 999 museum in the world and it gives an insight into all aspects of the emergency services. The various exhibits allow for a hands on experience whilst teaching about the history of the services. The exhibits includes fifty vehicles and these include manual, horse power and steam engines. The museum has three floors of exhibits and as well as the engines there is replica cells that date back to the Victorian times and these are complete with the associated smells.

Things To Do in York For Couples

Days Out For Couples in York

There are many romantic things to see and do in the city of York.

Cycling Tours

A good way to get out and explore this area is on one of the cycling tours. These tours are led by an experienced guide and they will take you off the beaten track. These tours will take about two hours and they go at a safe and leisurely pace.

River Cruises

Another romantic activity that is worth doing is to take a floodlit evening cruise. These cruises will take about seventy minutes and it is a perfect way to relax whilst enjoying the scenery and some relaxing music. The cost of the ticket for the cruise includes a hot drink and a biscuit or a glass of prosecco. Younger visitors on the cruise can enjoy a soft drink or a hot drink and a biscuit. It is possible to purchase further refreshments from the fully stocked bar.

York Ghost Bus

If you would like to enjoy something a little spookier then a tour on the York Ghost Bus is a great idea. This theatrical sightseeing tour will give you an insight into the dark side of York. The spooky conductor will show the sights of the city whilst on board a classic route master bus from the 1960’s. The tour will tell you about the sinister side of the city including York Minster, Clifford’s Tower and the grave of Dick Turpin. The tour will also take in the city walls which are suspected to have many ghostly tales.

Things To Do In York For Free

Places To Visit In York For Free

The city of York really has something to suit all ages and interests and what makes these even better is that there is many activities that are free to enjoy.

City Walls

The walls of the city are a great place to visit and these are preserved to an excellent standard and date back to Roman times. These walls have a massive part to play in the history of the city as they were used for guarding about seven hundred years ago. Visitors can enjoy walking along the large portions of the walls and they offer fantastic views. A walk along these walls give the perspective from a birds eye views and this is a great introduction to the city. Whilst enjoying the walks take time to read the informative plaques that are dotted along the route and explain the history and background of the area.

The Shambles

Don’t be put off by the name, as the Shambles is a street in the city which is narrowed and cobbled and this is one of the highlights of the city. This street dates back to medieval times and there is many traditional and quirky style buildings. The buildings along this street are home to charming boutiques, cafes, tourist attractions and restaurants. This street is one of the most visited street within the United Kingdom and it offer a great place for a stroll.

Things To Do in York For Families

Days Out For Families in York

Families visiting the city of York will not be disappointed as there is plenty for children of all ages to explore and enjoy.

The Chocolate and Sweet Treasure Trail

The chocolate and sweet treasure trail is a must do for children of all ages. This trail is the perfect way to get out and explore an alternative side to York by following the sweet themed treasure trail. This activity involves following a circular trail whilst looking for answers and solving the mystery of what happened to Lotta Smarty who was a local chocolatier as the sweet story unfolds. This trail cover an area of 1.5 miles and people can go at their own pace but it usually takes about an hour and a half to complete.

Yorkshire Museum

Yorkshire Museum is a good family attraction and it will show you all about the history of the city. This museum is home to fantastic exhibits about the city and its background. Then exhibits includes fossilised bones from dinosaurs and these are used to teach about creatures both past and present, which didn’t make it to the 21st century. The exhibits change often therefore everything you visit the museum you are likely to see something different.