Things To Do In Sheffield

There is a large variety of things to see and do in Sheffield, therefore there is something to suit all interests and tastes. Sheffield is located in the county of South Yorkshire and the city is best known as the city of steel due to vast steelworks that once existed in this area.

Things To Do In Sheffield When It’s Raining

Even when the weather is not so good there is still plenty of things to keep visitors of all ages busy.

Sheffield Winter Gardens

One of the most popular indoor attractions in this city is Sheffield Winter Gardens, which is a large glass house filled with a wide range of exotic plants and this provides the perfect location to relax and unwind amongst all the greenery.

Kelham Island Museum

Kelham Island museum is another attraction that is worth taking the time to visit on a day when the weather is not as nice. This museum is located in one of the oldest parts of the town which was once busy with industry. This museum is located on a nine hundred year old island which is man-made. This museum has been operating since 1982 when it was opened to house the various pictures, materials and objects which shows the industrial history of the city of Sheffield. This attraction will be a great day out for people of all ages as there are many interactive displays which will keep the younger visitors occupied. The many displays reflect the history of the city and how the city became so famous for industries and the display dates back to the Victorian era.

Days Out For Couples In Sheffield

There is a vast array of things for couples to enjoy doing in and around the city of Sheffield, which includes Rivelin Valley Nature Trail, and this is a great way to spend a day if you enjoy exploring the great outdoors.

Rivelin Valley Nature Trail

This area is a lovely area to enjoy a walk and there is some stepping stones which you can use to cross over the river which is a fun activity if you are a little more adventurous.

Malin Bridge Route

The entire route along the Malin Bridge is a fairly lengthy route.

Holly Hagg in Rivelin Valley

Another romantic activity that you might like to do whilst in Sheffield is a visit to Holly Hagg in Rivelin Valley as his area is home to some lovely scenery and you can enjoy a guided alpaca trek and you can also get a chance to feed the alpacas. Whilst visiting here you can also enjoy a relaxing stroll around the three acres of garden which are used for growing food and natural meadows. This attraction is also home to a pond where you can try your hand at pond dipping and see what nature you are able to find.

Places To Visit In Sheffield For Free

Although Sheffield is a city there is a vast array of choice when it comes to things for visitors to do who are on a somewhat tighter budget.

Graves Park

Visitors of all ages will enjoy a visit to Graves Park where you can relax and feed the animals.

Sheffield Cathedral

Sheffield cathedral is also free to visit, and you can enjoy a walk around whilst taking in the splendid architecture of the structure.

Walks Around The City

There is a number of walks in the city and around the nearby area where you can enjoy some relaxing time whilst exploring the history of the city and architecture that it is home too.

Days Out For Families in Sheffield

There is a large number of things for families to explore and enjoy doing in the city of Sheffield.

Our Cow Molly Dairy Farm and Ice Cream Shop

One of the activities that will be a hit with visitors of all ages is a trip to Our Cow Molly Dairy Farm and Ice Cream shop. This attraction is based on a real working farm which supplies milk to the city and visitors to the farm can visit the animals before the chance to try some of the ice cream that is made using the milk from the cows on the farm. The ice cream shop is home to a vast array of different flavours all of which are produced on the farm. The ice cream can be purchased to eat at the time, or you can opt to get a larger tub to take home.

Tropical Butterfly House Wildlife Sanctuary

Another attraction that is well worth visiting is the Tropical Butterfly House Wildlife Sanctuary which will be popular with people of all ages as this attraction is home to owls, meerkats, lizards, snakes, otters, lemurs and many other exotic animals which will provide an unforgettable animal related day out. As well as viewing the many animals visitors can also enjoy watching the various shows that are on throughout the day including free-flying bird shows featuring parrots, birds of prey., there is an indoor rainforest section which is home to bats, birds, butterflies, creepy-crawlies and tarantulas.