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The Year Of The Hymer: Semi-Integrated Motorhomes

2016 is poised to be one of the most successful HYMER years to date and the year of Hymer: Semi-Integrated Motorhomes. There has been a record number of sales in the last year and the German manufacturer has a fleet of new and highly anticipated model launches waiting in the wings for the coming year.

Hymer Semi-Integrated Motorhomes

There are some new and exciting Hymer semi-integrated motorhomes for 2016. Our Hymer semi-integrated models are also known as a low-profile motorhome, meaning there are no berths over the cab area, making it a lower height overall. Here, we’ll take a look at the exciting new Hymer semi-integrated motorhomes for sale in the brand new year.

The Hymer Van

The Hymer Van is the perfect response to the rising demand for a motorhome/second car combined. This 2-3 berth model, which is available in four different colours, provides all the luxuries of a semi-integrated vehicle with an ideal compact size. It measures 5.45 metres in length; is 2.22 metres wide and has a height of 2.77 metres. Its lightweight allows drivers both the ease of manoeuvring and pleasure in driving while still having space for a bathroom, shower, bed and garage.

The Hymer Van has a lightweight AL-KO frame and equal weight distribution is provided with thanks to the well positioned wheelbase. Weather can sometimes be problematic for all vehicles but the Van is equipped with a GRP underbody which protects not only against poor weather conditions but also stone and grit damage.

Good ventilation is imperative and this where the Hymer Van excels by offering a roof light with adjustable opening so that ventilation is not ever a problem. There is also a roller blind which is fitted into the vent to help keep insects at bay. Heat-wise, the Truma Combi 4 generates plenty of warmth for a cosy temperature; it also has a control panel for easy adjustment. In addition, there is a 130 litre fresh water tank and a 90 litre waste water tank as well as an awning light with rain shield.

Hymer T-Class CL

The luxury motorhomes can be fully expected and appreciated on the 2- 5 berth Hymer T-Class CL semi-integrated model. It measures from 6.99 metres – 7.49 metres in length; 2.35 metres in width and 2.90 metres in height.

There is generous headroom of 2.2 metres which creates a definite feeling of space as soon as you enter the vehicle; this also allows interior design to be as flexible and creative as possible. In addition, there are generously proportioned over-head lockers that extend to the front of the model.

The small width of the T-Class CL which has a laden mass of 3.5 tons, adds to the ability to manoeuvre it easily. Despite this, there is still room left over for a large garage supplying a loading height of 100 cm. The Seitz framed windows provide thermal insulation thanks to the double glazing and multizone cold foam mattresses are on all beds with breathable mattress toppers.

If you’re looking to save energy then the LED technology fitted as standard throughout, helps reduce energy consumption and also offers safety protection.

T CL Models

The models included in the range are:

  • T-Class CL 554 – 2,850 kg 699 x 235 x 290 cm
  • T-Class CL 578 – 2,900 kg 699 x 235 x 290 cm
  • T-Class CL 588 – 2,930 kg – 720 × 235 × 290 cm
  • T-Class CL 614 – 2,980 kg – 720 × 235 × 290 cm
  • T-Class CL 668 – 2,990 kg – 749 × 235 × 290 cm
  • T-Class CL 678 – 3,030 kg – 749 × 235 × 290 cm
  • T-Class CL 698 – 3,030 kg – 749 × 235 × 290 cm

Hymer M-LT

The Hymer M-LT is a 2/3 berth, lightweight motorhome which forms part of the premium line of semi-integrated vehicles from Hymer. Technology onboard is ‘state of the art’ thanks to the lightweight design (a laden mass of below 2,700 kilos) which also allows for comfort and a strong towing capacity. GRP lightweight floor as well as AL-KO lightweight frames feature on the M-LT range as well as the PUAL construction for further weight reduction.

The range varies in length from 6.36 metres – 7.79 metres and it has a width of 2.22 metres and a height of 2.90 metres. There is lots of seating space available inside providing a definite feel of luxury. The safety package that comes with the M-LT is also extensive.

Models in the M-LT range include:

  • ML-T 540 – 2,835 kg – 636 x 222 x 290 cm
  • ML-T 560 – 2,940 kg – 698 x 222 x 290 cm
  • ML-T 580 – 2,970 kg – 698 x 222 x 290 cm
  • ML-T 620 – 3,150 kg – 779 x 222 x 290 cm
  • ML-T 540 – 620 HYMER ML-built on Mercedes Sprinter chassis

Features of the ML-T Range

The features included in the ML-T range include energy saving LEDs which are spread throughout, allowing energy consumption be reduced dramatically as well as safety. Externally, there is an awning light which comes as standard and the living area is all on one level which gives a feeling of space.

A large 142 litre refrigerator; Truma CP Plus; Seitz framed windows; multi zone cold foam mattresses and breathable mattress toppers on all beds all feature on board. There is very much a contemporary ‘plug-in and play’ approach to technology with loud speakers in the living room; wiring and sockets and a DVB-T aerial.

Drive-wise, the Collision Prevention Assist package is an option which signals a warning sound if you are too close to a vehicle ahead and night vision is assisted with the optimal night vision.

Hymer Exsis-t

This 2-3 berth model forms part of the 3-ton class from Hymer and again, has a focus on comfort. It measures from 5.95 – 7.15 metres in length; is 2.22 metres wide with a height of 2.77 metres.

Hymer Exsis-t Features

Lots of sockets inside the Exsis-t reflect the growing need to stay connected in your motorhome and there are points for 230V scattered throughout the bathroom and living areas. There are large garage doors making it easily loadable as well as 350 kilos of storage which is also available.

The kitchen features plenty of headroom and overhead locker space and there are larger versions of the kitchen available in the 414, 474 and 588.

Blackout blinds and mosquito nets integrated into the glass skylight and there is a separate shower with lots of standing space in front of the fold away wash basin and swivel toilets seat.

Hymer Exsis-t Layouts

The layouts in the Hymer: Semi-Integrated Motorhomes range include:

  • Exsis-t 414 2,630 kg- 595 × 222 × 277 cm
  • Exsis-t 474 2,750 kg 650 × 222 × 277 cm
  • Exsis-t 564 2,790 kg 670 × 222 × 277 cm
  • Exsis-t 588 2,800 kg 695 × 222 × 277 cm
  • Exsis-t 598 2,840 kg 695 × 222 × 277 cm
  • Exsis-t 688 2,860 kg 715 × 222 × 277 cm

Hymer T-Class SL

The Hymer T-Class SL is an exclusive semi-integrated model that has a double floor. It is the sister model of the CL range which goes one step further. This model has a length of 6.79 metres – 7.79 metres and measures 2.35 metres with a height of 2.90 metres.

The T Class SL 554 – 708 is built on a Fiat AL-KO chassis and boasts the standards of comfort close to that of a fully integrated motorhome. It has a laden mass of less than 3.5 tons and there is lots of headroom available for practicalities as well as the feeling of space.

Features of the T Class SL Range

Aboard the T Class SL of Hymer: Semi-Integrated Motorhomes, you will find underfloor heating, a 12.5 multi purpose double floor and, thanks to the sky light in the living area, there is also lots of natural light. LED lights are integrated into the ceiling in the form of spotlights which allows for the great reduction of energy consumption as well as offer safety because LED lights do not emit heat.

There is a large garage with a 350 kilo payload providing ample storage space and generously-sized doors for easy access of large items. The large water tanks allow you to travel further with the fresh water tank able to hold 160 litres and the waste water tank holding 140 litres.

Wiring and sockets are installed throughout the living area, kitchen and bathroom for 230V appliances and there is a factory fitted radio and DVB-T aerial. The level floor throughout the whole of the vehicle means there are no tripping obstacles.

T-Class SL 554 Models

The models included in the SL 554 range include:

  • T-Class SL 554 – 3,000 kl – 679 x 235 x 290 cm
  • T-Class SL 568 – 2940 kg – 699 × 235 × 290 cm
  • T-Class SL 588 729 × 235 × 290 cm
  • T-Class SL 668 749 × 235 × 290 cm
  • T-Class SL 704 779 × 235 × 290 cm
  • T-Class SL 708 779 × 235 × 290 cm

To view our range of new Hymer motorhomes for sale, click here.

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