The Travelworld guide to must-have camper van accessories

If you’re looking ahead to what we all hope will be a truly Great British Summer, here is our guide to the must-have camper van accessories to buy before you depart.

Pop up Awning

Quickly add living space with a pop up camper van or motorhome awning.

As the name suggests, they’re very easy to put up and can be attached to your camper van as an instant extension, offering a dry and cosy place to eat and chat.

Then, when it’s time to explore the local area, the awning can be simply detached from your camper van and it will save your spot on the campsite while you travel.

The Kampa Rally AIR Pro 240 Driveaway Tailgate is a great option for van conversions.

Bike Rack

We probably don’t need to tell you that bikes are a fantastic way to get out and about when you’re touring in your camper van.

You don’t want the bikes taking up valuable living and storage space within the camper van, so investing in a bike rack is a no-brainer. There are multiple options for camper vans at all sorts of price points. Just make sure the rack you choose offers enough space between the bike and the van so there is no paint damage.


While cutting yourself off from the world might be part of the attraction of a camper van, you’ll soon find living without reliable internet access frustrating as you study maps and plan days out.

Most campsites will offer WiFi access but it can be ropey and dependent on how far your pitch is from the router. Save yourself the grief by investing in a 5G antenna, offering high-speed internet wherever there is coverage.

See our options here.

Outdoor Furniture

It’s no secret that camper vans, even luxury camper vans, offer less living space than a large motorhome. For that reason, good quality, fold-out furniture is essential. You don’t want to spend mealtimes cramped up in your van, however nice it is.

Most people choose to travel in the spring and summer so eating outside is usually possible. Top tip – take a couple of extra chairs so you’re well prepared for meeting some new campsite buddies.

Board Games

There will be times when bad weather forces you to spend an evening inside your camper van. Board games can be a fun way to while away the hours – and they take up very little storage room, too.

There’s a huge range of games for every taste, including an increasing number of one-player board games for the solo traveller.


Campsites may well have communal cooking areas, but a portable barbecue is far more convenient and flexible.

The biggest decision is between coal and gas. There’s a certain romance about coal, but gas is far easier and quicker to operate.

It doesn’t have to be burgers every night. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be surprised with the variety of dishes you can serve up on a small barbecue.

Solar Panels

If you’re looking to supplement your camper van’s battery power to charge things like phones, mini fridges or music speakers, why not harness the power of the sun with some flexible solar panels?

These clever devices produce around 27 amps per day in the summer months and can charge up to three USB devices at one time. See our range here.

Alarms and Trackers

Fitting an alarm system to your camper van is a shrewd move. Camper vans are a significant investment and you’re likely to have a strong emotional bond to it, too.

What’s more, good alarms are recognised by insurance companies and can help to reduce premiums.

We stock high-spec Sigma alarm systems – and our expert technicians will also install it for you.

And are Travelworld we also supply high-end ScorpionTrack devices, which detect unauthorised movement of the vehicle and notify the monitoring centre of a possible theft. Details of vehicle speed, direction, ignition state, battery condition and location are all sent to the relevant police control room.

Sat Nav

Last, but most certainly not least, invest in a Sat Nav to avoid hours of fumbling with maps and frosty words with your travelling companion.

Better still, get one with a camper van or motorhome mode as these will tell you the simplest route for your larger-than-usual vehicle.


At Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld, we have a range of new and used camper vans for sale. To find out more about our German camper van models, click here or contact our sales team today.

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