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Survey – Brits With Motorhomes Are Loving ‘Staycations’

Survey – Brits and Staycations

Motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular amongst us Britons, which is no surprise given the sense of freedom and independence they bring for holidaymakers.

A recent report from the NCC (the trade body for the motorhome industry) revealed that the number of new motorhome registrations in the UK has been on the rise each year since 2013, with the most recent statistics reporting that 14,062 new motorhome registrations were made in just 2017 alone.

These statistics clearly show that more and more people are deciding to buy motorhomes in the UK.

For that reason, here at Travelworld, we analysed our internal data to find out where in the UK are people most likely to buy a motorhome and enjoy staycation.

The Results

This data suggests that those from the West Midlands – where our company is based – are most likely to go on a staycation, with almost a quarter (24%) buying a motorhome from us in the last 5 years. It should be noted we do deal with enquiries from the full length and breadth of the United Kingdom so whilst this might be a small contributing factor it does not account for the huge different. The significant volume of Midlands ‘Staycationers’ with motorhomes may be due to the landlocked nature of the region however.

The Midlands regions are closely followed by those from the North West, who make up 17%.

The least likely however, seem to be residents of Northern Ireland and the North East of England. With just 1% of people from these regions purchasing motorhomes.

London is also very low down on the list, suggesting that Londoners are less likely to travel to UK destination in their motorhomes.

The following breakdown shows the percentage of our motorhome owners from each region:

  • West Midlands 24%
  • North West 17%
  • South East 13%
  • South West 11%
  • Wales 7%
  • Yorkshire 7%
  • East England 6%
  • Scotland 5%
  • London 3%
  • East Midlands 3%
  • Midlands 2%
  • Northern Ireland 1%
  • North East 1%

Overall however, it does appear that many of us Brits are loving our staycations. This isn’t surprising when you think about the many benefits of visiting some of the UK’s most well-loved holiday hotspots. With charming countryside stays, relaxing visits to seaside towns and fun-filled city breaks, some of the best holiday destinations can be found right on your doorstep.

So why not head out in your own motorhome this summer? And enjoy a unique staycations of your own.

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