How to run your motorhome efficiently

With rising fuel costs, it makes sense to run your motorhome or camper van as efficiently as possible. Here are a few tips that will help you run your motorhome efficiently.

Save fuel

Although setting out on the open road, taking you wherever the wind may carry you, is a romantic idea, if you’re more interested in saving yourself some money and wanting to maximise your miles per gallon, it’s a better idea to take advantage of a route planner.

Avoiding busy urban areas at peak times will also help to save you fuel costs because you’ll not be wasting it sitting in traffic – and you’ll feel more relaxed if you’ve not spent hours in a jam.

Air con

Use your vehicle’s air conditioning only when necessary because it will increase your fuel usage and affect your MPG.

If you just need to cool down for a few minutes, it may be more beneficial to open the window for a while. It will still impact on your fuel consumption, due to the drag on the vehicle, but it is reportedly a more economical alternative.

If you’re worried about taking a trip on a warm day, try to leave earlier to beat the midday heat, but keep in mind your engine won’t run as well on a cold morning.

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Tyre checks are advised before any trip, but if you are prioritising running costs, they are essential. Motorhomes are heavy vehicles, so your tyre pressure needs to be higher to counter the weight and to decrease your rolling resistance.

There are pros and cons to low profile tyres. Although they more rigid with shallower threads, which reduce the rolling resistance you encounter and therefore increasing efficiency, they do not offer the same stability and grip while driving. They might not be the right option for everyone.

Overall condition of your motorhome

On average, a camper van or motorhome clocks up relatively low mileage, but even with low usage it is important to have engine services.

Making sure your engine is in good condition benefits your fuel consumption, so annual services and filter changes will maintain your engine’s health and help to keep your fuel consumption low.

Cruise control and driving style

Making small changes to how you drive can be beneficial when you are doing an economy run.

For instance, it is good practice to use cruise control if you are on long motorway jaunts and sticking to 60mph. Cruise control will prevent needless accidental speed changes, and if you follow our advice about planning your journeys at quieter times you may be able to coast along smoothly and efficiently.


Camper vans and motorhomes are not aerodynamic vehicles by any means, but you don’t want to make it any worse.

Stacking storage accessories on the roof will greatly affect drag, which will lead to higher fuel usage. To save fuel, consider investing in some lightweight streamline storage options.

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