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Secrets Behind The Niesmann + Bischoff Brand

Most of us are aware of the stunning success of the Niesmann + Bischoff but what exactly is it that makes these award-winning models so desirable? We have all the secrets behind the Niesmann + Bischoff brand.

Now part of the Hymer Group, Niesmann + Bischoff has been donning the title of Luxury Motorhome for 30 years. German build quality in the form of aluminium sandwich wall and deep double floor constructions, high quality Styrofoam and thermo insulation electric frontline on the windscreen are just some examples of the thought and detail that goes into the Niesmann + Brand build.


All Niesmann + Bischoff vehicles are known for their drivability and the Flair is one of the models that underpins some of the core technology involved in driving an N + B motorhome. The chassis is as rigid as possible making for driving quality; road noise is also minimised thanks to the construction which includes double-sided aluminium. Temperature is controlled with these panels and Styrofoam sits on the inside while the aluminium is on the outside; this keeps both unwanted heat and cold at bay.


Considerations have also been made to weight when it comes to the Niesmann and+Bischoff Arto; the weight is distributed across the double floor inside the vehicle and the two large water tanks are positioned in the middle of the rear axle. Small scratches can be eliminated easily using gelcoat paste and large ones can be looked after with a special surfacer.


Another one of the secrets behind the Niesmann + Bischoff brand is that the warm water heating provided by Alde provides lovely warmth inside even when it is freezing outside. The system includes:

  • Optimal heating installation
  • Prevention of cold bridges
  • Optimal air circulation

The air con is able to circulate behind furniture and warm air from the floor taps into the circulation through small air vents in the seat benches. Convector heaters sit on the double floor and protect fittings from cold weather. The double floor can also be used as a storage heater and it provides heat to the floor similar to an underfloor heating concept.

The doors in the kitchen benefit from hydraulic lifting technology and the cabinets open and close quietly and easily. Metal hinges and fittings are employed, ensuring wear is minimised and security is maximised.

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