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Rebellious Traveller Paves Way For Motorhomes In Highlands

Inverness Traveller Removes Highlands ‘No Parking Overnight’ Signs

A traveller from Inverness has taken down ‘unwelcoming’ layby signs asking visitors not to park overnight.

Andy Strangeway believed that the signs were putting off motorhome owners from going to the region. However, there has been no argument from local campsites who it was feared could lose out if the non-stopover signs were removed.

John McDonald from Bugh Caravan Park has refuted claims it will impact his business. He said that there was never really any notice given to the signs anyway and that most visitors enjoyed being able to ‘hook up’ to the services his park offers.

Manager of the Lovat Bridge Campsite, Graham Lowder concurred with Mr McDonald and added that holidaymakers like the security of a campsite.

European sites are more motorhome friendly

Mr Strangeway who actively led the campaign has previously enjoyed the limelight before with his record-breaking travel attempt of sleeping on 162 Scottish Islands.

He claims that European sites are much more oriented to the needs of motorhome owners and has been campaigning to make the Highlands more amenable for motorhomes.

Part of his crusade has been to encourage more ‘stopover’ laybys so travellers can take a rest. Councillors in the area had wanted to keep the signs as they felt that stopovers would take away from the local campsites and the lack of facilities could also have a negative effect.

However, the council were informed that if they tried to take the case to court to reinstate the signs then they would not be successful.

Mr Strangeway says that he knew of a lot of people who were avoiding the Highlands because of the signs backed by the council and that there had been a furore on social media websites about the issue.

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