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Niesmann + Bischoff Unveil New Model Quartet For 2014

Niesmann + Bischoff New and Used Motorhomes For Sale

German motorhome manufacturer Niesmann + Bischoff have unveiled a new model quartet for 2014.

One New Arto and Three Flairs

Included in the new line up is one from the Arto range and three from the Flair range. The Arto, in particular, has seen a distinctive move from its previous look. It has a brand new exterior and a new shaped nose which makes room for a new cab space and front dash which is moulded in expanded polypropylene for increased noise reduction and heat insulation.

New Look Arto

The new look Arto has moved away from the previously conservative facade with the new exterior offering a more stylish finish.

New Features

There is a reversing camera, wider caravan doors and options include heated windscreen and black leather upholstery. Buyers can also add in central locking including the caravan door and garage door. Blackout roller blinds on the windscreen are also available.

Daytime running lights in LED come with the Arto and buyers are able to have the same options for both headlights and rear lights.

Look out for more up and coming information on these new Niesmann + Bischoff Arto and Flair models on our site coming very soon.

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