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The New HYMER Exsis-t Available From 2014

A ground-breaking masterpiece, weighing under 2,700kg the HYMER Exsis-t is an exceptional Motorhome that combines lightweight construction and comfort.

HYMER has incorporated many new materials into the Exsis-t in order to achieve such a lightweight vehicle. These materials include a GRP lightweight floor with Styrofoam insulation, a special frame made from AL-KO and PAUL construction. Amazingly this superior mobile home still comes fully equipped and some of those key features include:

  • 2 Berths
  • Interior lighting with LED
  • Large garage doors in direction of travel right and left
  • Safety package
  • Nicely bedded
  • Double glazing
  • Radio and loudspeakers in sleeping and living areas

Do you want to save on your wallet?

Owning a HYMER Exsis-t comes with many advantages for mobile holiday makers. Less weight means less fuel consumption, meaning you can travel further for less. Additionally, if you are environmentally conscious, you will also be lowering your carbon footprint. The HYMER Exsis-t is also ideal for younger holidaymakers who have more recently passed their driving test and are not allowed to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes without advanced training.

The Exsist-t is not only lightweight; it is considerately made to provide you with ease, comfort and practicality for your journey on the road. So what is the HYMER Exsis t experience all about?

  • A warm and welcoming interior. Wooden finish furniture and premium fabric make you feel right at home in the Exsis-t, furthermore the big windows allow vast amounts of natural light to flow through the motorhome, perfect for those early mornings while you are eating your breakfast and admiring the views from the table top that just happens to have plenty of leg room as well.
  • Extra low single beds for convenient access, which can be expanded into a double bed to transform the area into a sleeping oasis for couples.
  • The kitchen provides a large work surface to prepare evening meals and extra deep drawers for storage, so you can stock up on those nibbles and treats.
  • A comfort bathroom including a high quality wash basin made of cool glass and a spacious cabinet.

With its luxurious design and all those extras, it’s really is hard to understand how the HYMER Exsis-t weighs less than 2,700kg!

There are three models in the range, the t-414, the t-588 and the t-688. Even more compact and lightweight is the t-414 which is only 5.95m in length and still has all the key features mentioned above.

Purchasing A HYMER Exsis-t Could Not Be Easier…

If the HYMER Exsis-t is something that catches your eye then please do get in touch with one of our motorhome specialists at Travelworld Motorhomes. Any questions you may have can be dealt with by one of our friendly and helpful sales team members.

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