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New Hymer Concept Designed By Customers

This year’s Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf has revealed customers’ design ideas which have been put at the heart of a new Hymer prototype model.

340 designs were submitted by customers who were asked to put forward their own slide out system ideas. The brief was to keep the motorhome weighing less than 3.5 tons while also providing usable space both when the slide outs are extended and when they are not.

Slide Out Concept

The customer suggestions were put forward as part of a competition run by ProMobil magazine, where the winning entry, which ultimately received over 7,000 votes, was chosen. Hymer went on to develop the winning slide out concept as well as another entry, with both designs allowing for an additional 65 cm of space and weighing less than 3.5 tons.

In one of the designs, the rear is extendable, allowing for a queen size bed; the other design means that the dinette area is enlarged to a U-shaped seating area.

Hymer And Mercedes Protoype

Also produced is the Mercedes-Benz- campervan (V-Class) which provides a new and versatile interior, with the addition of floor mounted rails and adaptable furniture modules. The modules mean that there are many different ways in which the space can change inside the campervan with each customer affording the freedom to create their own bespoke layout.

Managing Director of Hymer, Bernhard Kibler, said that as well as opening a unique world of interior solutions for customers, the same vehicle can be used for many different kinds of motorhome holidays and excursions.

In just a few simple movements, the inside can change with the two sliding side doors and extra-large tailgate; when you are on the move, it means that the modules can be manouvered for a more spacious and comfortable journey.

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