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Introducing the 2014 HYMER Exsis-i Motorhomes

Travelworld Motorhomes would like to introduce you to the prestigious 2014 Hymer Exsis-i range of motorhomes. For this range of quality vehicles, Hymer has placed an emphasis on providing you with the maximum flexibility, but still ensuring there is a high degree of comfort whilst you and your family are travelling.

The new Exsis-i model has a unique selling point – it’s Hymer’s first passenger car that fits in the integrated vehicle category. This is due to its slimline design which means all the vehicles in the range weigh less than three tonnes. This weight includes the range’s comprehensive standard equipment offer. So, even with the whole family on board and the additional food, activity equipment and accessories needed, you will not exceed the 3.5 tonne permissible for a passenger car status.

Highlights on the 2014 Hymer Exsis-i range

The Exsis-i range comes with some particular highlights that are worth a mention. The whole range is provided with perfect insulation, due to the Hymer patented PUAL construction, allowing the vehicles to be cool in the summer and warm in winter. The AL-KO frame of all Hymer motorhomes provide more safety and driving comfort.

The designers have furnished the Exsis-i range with a comfortable L-shaped seating area in the lounge, and have provided two additional three point seat belts in this area so there is no need for an additional car on your journey.

For safety, comfort and convenience the interior of all the Exsis-i range comes with complete interior lighting with LEDs as standard.

Thanks to high-quality multi-zone cold-foam mattresses in all beds, the Exsis-i range of motorhomes provides a comfortable nights sleep for all.

Comfort without compromise

Amazingly, despite the spacious layouts and the comfortable interior standing height of 1.98 metres, the Exsis-i range is only 2.77 metres high and 2.22 metres wide externally. Theses dimensions and cleverly positioned wheelbase provide drivers with any level of experience a generous level of manoeuvrability, allowing you to maintain full freedom at all times.

Exsis-i models

There are seven models within the Hymer Exsis-i range:

    • Exsis-i 414 – a 4 berth model, and also the most compact in the range at 5.99 metres in length
    • Exsis-i 504 – the only 3 berth model in the range, but provides extra length at 6.20 metres long
    • Exsis-i 564 – a 4 berth model, measuring 6.75 metres in length
    • Exsis-i 578 – a standard 4 berth model measuring 6.75 metres long
    • Exsis-i 588 – this model provides 4 sleeping berths and measures 6.99 metres in length
    • Exsis-i 688 – providing 4 berths, this motorhome is one of the lengthiest in the range at 7.20 metres
    • Exsis-i 698 – a comfortable 4 berths, 720 metres in length

Hymer Exsis-i Range at Travelworld Motorhomes

If you are considering buying an Exsis-i vehicle from Hymer, Travelworld Motorhomes are more than happy to help you with your search. Our friendly, expert sales team will be able to provide you with extensive knowledge on each individual model. Please give us a call on 0844 808 4938 to discuss any of the Exsis-i range.

Alternatively, you can call in and visit us at our luxury showroom in Staffordshire, where you can browse a vast range of new motorhomes.

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