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Hymer Group Success Snowballs

The Erwin Hymer Group is set for further triumph as the Germany campervan and motorhome manufacturer celebrates a string of new developments.

One of the most significant advances is the record turnover Hymer will yield at the end of its financial year which is a rise of 15 % from the previous year. The number of vehicles the manufacturer produces is also increasing and is expected to be around 7,541 by the end of August 2015 which is an increase of 9.4 %.

Ross Edwards, Managing Director at the UK’s biggest Hymer dealer, Travelworld Motorhomes, said: “Having recently visited Bad Waldsee (the home of Hymer) for the annual dealer conference, the 2016 season heralds some fantastic changes for Hymer and the brand is growing from strength to strength with continued increase in market share and an incredible financial result for 2014.”

Hymer – Largest Manufacturer In Europe

Ross Edwards continued: “Hymer turnover is now £350 million, making it the largest motorhome manufacturer in Europe and the most profitable. The Erwin Hymer Group is also one of the largest leisure vehicle producing groups in the world with turnover now at £1.4 billion.”

More Hymer Products To Come

In addition, Hymer has also announced that it will be increasing the number of products it produces. Jorg Reith Meier, CEO said: “Our company’s success gives us the opportunity to grow even more in future,” He also said that the positioning of Hymer as a premium brand manufacturer was key to the forthcoming strategy of the company.

Hymer employs around 1,200 employees and envisages a sales increase in 2018 of more than 400 million Euros, which is the equivalent of selling more than 9,000 pieces.

Ross Edwards added: “It’s an extremely exciting time for Hymer and the group, there are still many changes afoot but all are positive, Travelworld is very proud to be a part of Hymer’s continued success and is totally committed to continuing as an exclusive dealer within the group.”

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