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Hymer Group Companies

Hymer Group Companies manufactures motorhomes, camper van  and caravans in Bad Waldsee, Germany. It has developed into one of the most established motorhome brands in Europe.

The company is listed on the stock market. The ‘AG’ is directly translated into the word: Aktiengessellschaft; a term used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to denote a business limited by shares.

Drawing on its rudimentary beginnings as a caravan maker at the start of the last century, the company now produces a full range of eclectic motorhomes from entry-level models to luxurious and technologically advanced motorhomes.

What companies does Hymer own?

Hymer AG took over Niesmann + Bischoff in 1996 and also added the Burstner brand to the group in 1998. Camping accessories company, Movera joined in this year also.

In the year 2000, Laika was acquired and in 2005 vehicle distributor, Capron Ltd, became part of the group. Hymer AG (Hymer group companies) also owns the Eriba caravans brand.

Hymer at Travelworld Motorhomes

Travelworld are one the of main Hymer UK franchises.

Travelworld Motorhomes has decided to adopt the branding of ‘Hymer UK’ the logo synonymous with the previous largest single dealer site of Hymer in the UK. Travelworld have bought and registered ‘Hymer UK Ltd’ from Companies House and will be marketing and promoting the ‘Hymer UK’ logo as their trading style.

“This is just another sign of our commitment to the brand, we want to be the first company people think of for anything associated with Hymer including new & pre owned sales, servicing, warranty, parts and accessories”.

“The strategy will be to focus our attention and resources on this brand and we will be working closely with the factory to become their centre of excellence for the UK” said Ross Edwards Travelworld Motorhomes Managing Director.

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