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Travelworld introduces the Hymer B694

Travelworld Motorhomes is proud to introduce the Hymer B694, an exceptional A-class motorhome from Hymer. With its cutting edge build and generous storage, this motorhome is worth a look for any perspective buyer.

The model is a 5/6 berth model with 4 seat belts for safety for the whole family. The B694 comes on a Fiat Ducato platform, with an Al-Ko chassis to allow for an innovative double-floor design, allowing the vehicle to carry onboard fresh and waste water tanks. One outstanding feature on this motorhome is the innovative habitation door, using heavy metal fixtures and a three-striker design for added security. This technology ensures the door locks with the security of an air-lock door.

Entertainment And Seating Area

The Hymer B694 is built using an L-shaped lounge area, and the cab seats swivel to accommodate up to 5 people to sit comfortably. The table moves on two axes for the flexibility to create more space when required and the huge roof light, in addition to the lounge windows, provides plenty of natural light to the lounge area.

Hymer has provided the two rear travel seats with integrated cup holders and storage space under one the removable cushions in the built-in sofa, cleverly providing comfort for the passengers in the back of the motorhome, without compromising safety.

Kitchen Facilities

Again, using an L-shape design to make the most of the space provided, the Hymer B694 provides a spacious kitchen allowing plenty of manoeuvrability for the cook as well as people passing through to the washroom. The kitchen is equipped with a TEC Tower facing the three burner hob, large sink and solid sink cover/chopping board. The kitchen provides plenty of storage for food for up to 5 people.

Bathroom Facilities

Hymer has equipped the B694 with a separate shower; great for privacy and other passengers needing to visit the bathroom whilst others are showering. The designers have provided a top-end finish in the toilet area, as the separate shower negates the need to waterproof this area.

The washroom has been split into two cubicles, and the designers have positioned the bathroom in front of the bed, so the back cubicle can be sectioned off to create a en-suite facility.

Sleeping Space

Hymer has equipped the B694 with a large bed within the bedroom area for your comfort during the night-time hours. The bedroom is cordoned off by a space saving concertina partition, making the most of the space available in the motorhome. The additional pull-down beds are generous in size and comfort and are easy to set up. The wardrobe is cleverly situated just in front of the washroom cubicles, within the partitioned bedroom area.


There is plenty of storage space under the rear beds with a generous garage with access doors on both sides as standard. It is positioned well to allow easy access to load bulky equipment and has lighting facilities.

As the B694 is a double-floor motorhome, the vehicle has between-floor lockers, ideal for smaller items that require storing. The Hymer B694 also providers a locker storage space underneath the fresh-water inlet, ideal for storing hoses etc.

The Hymer B694 At Travelworld Motorhomes

Travelworld Motorhomes is proud to have an historic and firm connection with Hymer and we work closely with the factory to be their ‘centre of excellence’ for Hymer UK customers.

If you would like to view new and used motorhomes at our Travelworld exclusive showroom, you can call in and pay us a visit where our expert sales team will be on hand to provide you with any advice or guidance you require. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly customer services experts on 0844 880 4938, who will happily discuss your requirements and advise you on our range of quality motorhomes.

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