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We Heart Hymer

As Hymer’s first exclusive and largest dealer in the UK (from the 2015 model) we’re pretty sure you already know the team at Travelworld are head over heels for the Hymer range but what makes this brand so much better than the rest? What has it done to deserve its iconic status and what can we expect from Europe’s market leading motorhomes?

History Of The Hymer

The creation of Hymer began in the 1950s with the influence from Erwin Hymer’s father, Alfons Hymer. He created a workshop in the German town of Bad Waldsee and built vehicles and various other types of constructions which proved to have an impact on his son, Erwin. Erwin Hymer later went on to build and design his own agricultural vehicles and in 1975 he was asked by a leading technological expert, Erich Bachem, to design a new caravan. The creation was a success and the line of caravans was to become known as the original Trolls, later to become the Eriba range.

In 1961 the Caravano motorhome was created and in the 1980s it was to become known as the Hymercar. It had a rear hinged roof and side kitchen; was 5.10 long with 59nhp with a 1.5 litre engine and a top speed of 56 mph, the cost at the time was around £1,730.

If you would like to indulge yourself further in the history of the Hymer range, there is a museum in Bad Waldsee which encompasses 6,000 square metres covered in caravans and motorhomes dating back decades. The interactive museum is an ideal place for families to discover the cultural and historical influences on the evolution of the Hymer.

Hymer Today

Hymer AG now has several brands under its belt including Niesmann + Bischoff; Carado and Hymer. Its base in Germany employs around one thousand members of staff who all form part of an impressive production line. Off that production line many Hymers come straight into our showroom in Shropshire. At Travelworld we also specialise in selling used Hymer campervans and motorhomes, meaning our product and price ranges are diverse and pretty hard to beat. See below some of the models we sell:

Each and every one of Hymer’s brands offers something different. The Carado is uniquely simple yet stylish; Niesmann + Bischoff motorhomes have presence, luxury and space; Hymer Campervans offer functionality in a compact space and each of the Hymer range has been created to satisfy the needs of customers over a period of time. The company has evolved with the times and the ever changing needs of families, couples and individual motorhomers. With its army of in-house innovators and world-wide, loyal supporters what is round the corner next for Hymer is certain to be exciting. Stay tuned.

Buying Your Hymer With Travelworld Motorhomes

If you like the look of any Hymer motorhomes for sale then please get in touch with our sales team at Travelworld. One of our aims is to offer customers an ‘in stock’ or ‘on order’ facility for every Hymer Camper and Motorhome model in any one given season.

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