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Free Motorhome Accessories With Dometic Air Con Unit

As a continuation of its irresistible set of monthly offers throughout 2014, Dometic is once again offering another tempting deal, available at Travelworld Motorhomes and we’re throwing in free motorhome accessories with every purchase.

This time, customers can choose from the following Dometic WAECO’s air conditioning units:

  • FreshJet 110
  • FreshJet 1700
  • FreshJet 2200 With soft Start

When you purchase one of these models you will receive free motorhome accessories – WAECO PerfectKitchen MCK 750 Kettle and a WAECO PowerVac PV100; worth £43.99 and £78.99 respectively.

Dometic Air con Units

The FreshJet 1700 and 2200 both come with an additional heating function; all have a very low starting current and the 2200 is available with soft start.
All devices can be used with remote control and there is a Chill Out Air Distribution Box which provides four adjustable air flows in all directions.

Dometic Celebrates 40 years In Business

The offers are rolling in at Travelworld Motorhomes every month from Dometic WAECO, in celebration of 40 years of the traditional WAECO brand. There will be various exclusive and exceptional offers coming throughout the year so keep an eye on the Travelworld resources to see what’s coming next!

About Dometic WAECO

The company first began life following the invention of its mobile refrigeration which has since expanded into other markets. It now considers itself a setter of new standards with a range of innovative designs and solutions for a range of different automotive sectors.

Buying Your Motorhome Accessories With Travelworld

If you would like more information on buying an air conditioning unit then please speak to one of our workshop habitation technicians who can help you find exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking to have your existing air conditioning unit serviced then we can also help out; ensuring the longevity of all of the serviceable areas of your motorhome will ultimately make life easier for you and prove less expensive.

If you would like more information on our current Dometic Air conditioning offer or if you have any other servicing or parts questions then please get in touch with us on 0800 880 4938.

Please note that this offer is available throughout the month of April 2014.

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