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Four Free And Easy Ways To Keep Cool In Your Motorhome This Summer

A good solid air conditioning system is the best way to ensure you won’t suffer from heat exhaustion in your motorhome this summer.

However, there are some other ways of keeping cool that may or may not have occurred to you while on previous holidays. Have a look below at some of our tips and you may be surprised to see just how easy it is to stay cool.

  1. Take your cue from the compass! It sounds like a minor detail but the position you park your motorhome in can make all the difference to the temperature inside. If you are certain you want to keep cool as soon as you arrive and for the duration of your stay, it makes sense to find somewhere underneath the trees so shade can be readily provided. Alternatively, you could also move your vehicle so that the hot midday sun is shining on the side that has the least amount of window space on it. If you are at the point of booking your site, then consider the shade issue now. In some cases, it may be possible to view your chosen campsite on maps so that you can see the best spots before you reserve your space.
  2. Good ventilation is vital when wanting to keep your motorhome cool, the basic principle of ventilation is to keep the warm air out and the cool air in. You do not want your vehicle to be warmer inside than it is outside. If you close the windows which are on the warm side of your motorhome and open the ones where there is shade, then this will prevent the temp from rising. Opening the roof vents will also help keep the heat down. When the warmth drops at night, open up the cupboards in your kitchen area as this will release the heat that has been in there during the day
  3. Al fresco dining means all the heat created by cooking is kept outdoors where it can waft away into the open air. Smaller spaces can fill up your motorhome with unwanted heat so make use of your camp stove or barbeque as often as you can while you are on your motorhome holiday. You can even prepare your tea and coffee outdoors if you really want.
  4. Fridges also create heat so it can be a good idea to remove the heat that has been trapped inside by shading the external fridge panels if possible. Check to see if the fridge vents are blocked by debris and if they are; clean them. Some refrigerators come with temperature regulated fans, these help fridges run more efficiently as well as regulating the temperature

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If you’re still concerned about ventilating your motorhome during the summer months then please get in touch with one of our accredited service centre staff who will be glad to give advice on the right air conditioning system for your motorhome, the best kind of awning for your needs, or indeed, anything else to do with motorhome maintenance and comfort. Call us on 0844 880 4938 or visit our showrooms in Shropshire.

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