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COVID-19 UPDATE – August 2020 

The introduction of Thermal Imaging Cameras at our Stafford HQ has been a key aspect of our policy of protecting the health and safety of customers, visitors and colleagues since reopening from lockdown on June 1.

The technology effectively checks the temperatures of all visitors and will flag anyone displaying a higher than average reading.

Anyone with a higher than average temperature will be asked to provide a second reading. If a visitor records two abnormal readings, they will be requested to rebook while colleagues will be asked to take time out of the business.

The investment in the Thermal Imaging Cameras demonstrates the extent of the measures Travelworld are prepared to introduce to help ensure visitors and colleagues remain safe on the premises.

Other covid-19 update measures in place for visitors to Travelworld include:

  • Appointment only policy in place for visitors
  • 2m social distancing and a one-way system around the showroom
  • Hand sanitiser stations on the reception desk for use on entering and leaving
  • Gloves available to be worn when viewing a motorhome or campervan and people encouraged to wear face coverings when visiting

In addition, contact free video viewings are available on request.

Appointments in person or through video can be booked with our sales team on 01785 878787.

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