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Coveted Design Award For Niesmann + Bischoff Arto

The Niesmann + Bischoff Arto has received a sought-after design award from the Red Dot Awards by being given an ‘honourable mention’ thanks to its ‘captivating design’.

Niesmann + Bischoff New and Used Motorhomes For Sale40 members of the jury on the Red Dot Awards panel tried and tested 4,800 different designs before reaching their conclusions and the whole competition comprised of submissions from 1,816 applicants, including designers from 53 different countries.

What Was The Winning Formula?

Arto’s design, which was acknowledged as exceeding all expectations and has currently sold out for this season, was also heralded for a host of other different design attributes including:

    • The high quality workmanship
    • The smooth and streamlined structure
    • The panoramic window which provides an excellent uninterrupted view
    • The unique colour combination

Arto: The ‘New Generation Camper’

Hubert Brandl, Managing Director from Niesmann + Bischoff GmbH said: “This is an outstanding award., And a further confirmation that the Arto’s new and unusual design is the symbol of a completely new generation camper,”

What Are the Red Dot Awards?

The Red Dot Awards is an international design competition which has on board expert judges who are used to assess the level of design involved in a given product. The categories included in the awards include product design; communication design as well as design concepts. The Red Dot Awards seek to highlight how important design is in our world and society. Winners of a Red Dot Award receive inclusion in award presentations, the organisation’s year book and exhibitions in the Red Dot Design Museums which are dotted all over the world.

Buying Your Niesmann + Bischoff Arto With Travelworld

Niesmann + Bischoff is a high-end motorhome manufacturer that produces top-end luxury motorhomes inside its innovative factory in its native Germany. The company strives for optimum design quality both in terms of interior and exterior design.

If you would like to know more about the prize-winning Niesmann +  Bichoff Arto then please get in touch with Travelworld Motorhomes. We are the sole dealer for Niesmann + Bischoff in the UK and our sales team would be delighted to help you with any enquiries you may have about the Arto or any other of our Niesmann + Bischoff motorhomes we have in our showroom. Please call us on 0844 880 4938 for more information.

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