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Best Motorhome Apps

New and used motorhomes for saleLet’s admit it; some apps are good, and some are, well, not so good and camping and motorhome apps are no different.

New apps are appearing all the time, so we checked out a few of the latest to give you a heads up if you are planning some app downloading of the motorhome variety.

  • Practical Motorhome is available as an app as well as print format; both of which contain reviews, travel features for the seasoned and novice motorhomer. Annual subscription is £32.99 and the app is compatible with the iphone, ipod touch and ipad
  • is a wild camping forum which will allow you to speak to fellow wild campers and learn about all the latest hot wild camping spots to go to…and where not to go to! The app is compatible with iphone, ipod touch, and ipad. £15 membership fees apply and reviews are mixed
  • Campsites and Caravan Parks is £1.99 to download. It includes information on membership and non-membership campsites (6271 sites in total). It saves content to your phone so you can keep the details even if you are not within reach of an internet connection. If you like, you can also share your views on this site. The app costs £1.99 and most reviews are positive. Some commenters say the app is for the larger sites (which is sometimes best for us motorhomers) and not for tenters etc
  • AA Camping and Caravanning Guide covers England, Scotland and Wales providing information on around 850 sites. There are images of the site available as well as detailed descriptions of the facilities on offer. This app is free
  • GasItIUp! This is a free app which allows users to gauge how much fuel they require and how much it will cost. You will need to know your tank size and have details of your fuel gauge to hand
  • Motorway Services UK is an app that helps you find that all-important service station. Simply select the motorway you are on and a list of services in close proximity will appear. This app is 69 pence
  • iBBQ is a free app which allows you to locate the nearest quality butcher when you are camping somewhere new. It allows you to view the latest recipes and even check the weather. Compatible with ipad, iphone and ipod touch

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