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Best Motorhome Alarms

Dometic Motorhome Centre logoFinding the best motorhome alarm is like finding the best motorhome. It has to be what is best for you and this may differ from person to person.

Look at our below tips to find out some of the things you should be looking for when searching for the best motorhome alarm for you.

Things To Remember When Looking For The Best Alarm For Your Motorhome

  1. Don’t choose an overly complicated alarm. Ask for a demonstration of the alarm you have purchased from the salesperson. Otherwise, you may end up either not setting it during the times when you need it or not setting it correctly
  2. Look for an alarm with a two-way pager. This method sends an alert to you when your home has been broken into and can allow for those vital moments when you may be able to prevent a burglary. The sound of the alert should also be audible to those close-by to alert attention
  3. Choose a motorhome alarm system that flashes to indicate it is working, rather than one which beeps or buzzes as this noise can be bothersome
  4. Buying an off-the-shelf alarm is often an easy option for mobile homeowners who are eager to get a security system as soon as possible. Make sure you are aware of the limitations some of these systems have and get a demonstration before your purchase
  5. Some of the best motorhome alarm systems use internal sirens. Burglars trying to find items to take find the sound very disconcerting. They do not know how loud the siren is from the outside and do not know if anyone is approaching. In which case, the thief is likely to want a quick getaway minimising the chance of taking lots of expensive items
  6. To stop any premeditating thieves make sure the internal alarms ( two are recommended for maximum noise levels) are well hidden from outside views. Some thieves survey motorhomes in advance to see what kind of security system they will face
  7. A motorhome is a place of serenity and pleasure for all owners and it should also signify a safe environment. Sleeping or relaxing while your alarm is turned on offers great peace of mind. Being able to switch off the internal sensors will allow you to get up and make a cup of tea without the alarm being set off. A flexible system that keeps external sensors activated is a popular combination for many

The fundamental requirements for motorhome alarms include the ability to immobilise a motorhome if unauthorised access is gained and to sound an alarm to raise awareness of a break-in.

There are plenty on the market that offer these basic functions as well as some other vital features. Please speak to a member of the Travelworld RV sales team who will be able to impart its experience of the best motorhome alarms available.

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