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Hymer Ayres Rock By Name – Ayres Rock By Nature

The Hymercar Ayres Rock namesake is commonly known as the ‘island mountain’; it sits silently, yet resolutely, in the Australian Red Desert. Other rocks around it have eroded over the years but its design has meant that it has survived while others have faded.

It’s simple to spot the parallels of this mighty mountain with the new addition, Hymercar Ayres Rock. Like all other Hymers, the Hymercar Ayres Rock has been designed to stand the test of time, thanks to extraordinary build-quality which is resilient to some of nature’s harshest elements.

The Australian rock’s dimensions are mammoth in size and its colour is changeable; it is said that the colour of the rock changes throughout different times of the day and different seasons in the year. Equally, the 2 berth Hymercar Ayres Rock is known for its size (compact, yet solid) and its flexibility. It is strong and sturdy in terms of practical features and design but it also has a an array of special equipment, much of which, comes as standard.

Hymercar Ayres Rock Features

The fabric-lined ceiling and side walls, coupled with LED dimmable lighting provide a sense of home comfort inside. The optional pop-top roof, which houses a wide bed and fold away ladder, allows for a spacious two-room concept.

Based on a medium wheel base with a Fiat Ducato chassis, the model is able to sleep 4 adults with the fold up cross bed at the rear also. There is a refrigerator which can be accessed from the outside and a window and roof light in the bathroom. An extendable worktop in the kitchen and a folding washbasin in the bathroom both provide those useful space saving solutions for when you need it.

Australia is a well-known for its outdoor pursuits from diving and surfing as well as bush walking and rock jumping; as a testament to this, the Ayres Rock is fully able to carry on board equipment as well as being compact and manoeuvrable in the city.

Hymer Ayres Rock Stats

Unlike the sizeable Ayres Rock, which stands proud in the dessert at a staggering 348 m which is 863 above sea level ; the Hymercar Ayres Rock has the following measurements:

  • 2 berths
  • Overall length – 5,41 metres
  • Overall width – 2,08 metres
  • Overall height – 2,55 metres
  • Headroom – 1,90 metres

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