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Travelworld Demonstrates Confidence In Exclusive Niesmann + Bischoff Deal

This year’s Dusseldorf exhibition proved to be an exceptional success for Niesmann + Bischoff. Not only did the new Flair range sell like hot cakes but during the exhibition, the German motorhome brand also shook hands with Travelworld on a commitment to a 25% increase in sales volume for the 2015 model year, as well as the whole 2015 season’s worth of orders.
Niesmann + Bischoff New and Used Motorhomes For Sale

The motorhome brand is currently experiencing high demand in its factory thanks to the launch of the new shape Arto and the Flair model range. The agreement was signed on the day by Travelworld’s Sales manager, Nick Barker and Cecile Rousense, Export Manager of Niesmann + Bischoff.

‘The Best Selling Premium Brand’

Nick Barker said: “It’s an incredible product and we have such confidence in the new models that as soon as we heard about the shortage in production this season we decided to enter all our orders at once!” “This is a huge commitment for us and the order equates to over £3.5m, however Niesmann + Bischoff are now the best-selling premium brand in the UK and we certainly can’t afford to disappoint the loyal customer base and new customers alike by running out of stock early in the season.”

Don’t forget to look out for the other Niesmann and Bischoff highlight which is the Chrome Arto; next to be displayed by Travelworld at Birmingham’s NEW Motorhome and Caravan Show this October.

Buying Your Niesmann and Bischoff Motorhome With Travelworld

If you would like to know more about purchasing a Niesmann and Bischoff motorhome then please come and speak to our one of our premium brand motorhome specialists at Travelworld. We are the sole UK dealer for the brand and have unlimited knowledge and expertise when it comes to Niesmann and Bischoff. Please call us on 0844 880 4938 or visit our showrooms and see the models for yourself.

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