North Yorkshire

There’s plenty to see and do whilst on tour in North Yorkshire. Our travel guide will help you find them in the beautiful county of North Yorkshire

Things to Do In North Yorkshire

The non-metropolitan county of North Yorkshire is one of the largest ceremonial counties in England. This county is located in the region of Humber and Yorkshire. There are many fascinating things to see and do in this area, therefore there really is something to suit all tastes and ages.

The North York Moors

The North York moors is a tranquil and picturesque area and this moor is a great place to enjoy some fresh country air. This moor consists of more than one thousand four hundred miles of natural beauty and is home to pine forests, heather moors, shimmering coastline and rolling hills. These moors are a great place to watch roe deer, hawks and badgers.

Castles, Abbeys and Priories

North Yorkshire is also home to a number of castles, abbeys and priories which all offer historical beauty. There is also many hidden villages and hamlets. Regardless of whether you want to walk, cycle or horse ride there are many great areas in this county which are worth exploring. This area offers a lovely coastal path with fragrant pine forests and steep sloping valleys.

Things to Do in North Yorkshire When It’s Raining

There are plenty of things to see and do in North Yorkshire even when it is raining. Some of the best attractions in this area include The National Railway Museum, Jorvik Viking Centre and White Scar Cave.

The National Railway Museum

The national railway museum is home to three hundred years of railway history which captivate the attention of all ages of visitors. This museum is great for train enthusiasts as well as families just looking for a day out as there is a vast collection of locomotives which includes the Shinkansen and the record breaking Mallard. Curious minds will really enjoy watching the daily demonstrations and marvelling the engineering works that are in progress.

Jorvick Viking Centre

Jorvick Viking centre is a ideal way to take a step back in time and experience the days of the Vikings. The time ride at this venue takes you on a travel back in time to AD960 where you come in contact with Vikings who will tell you the story of the Jorviks.

White Scar Cave

White Scar cave offers a wonderful day out for the whole family and this is the longest cave anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Days Out for Couples in North Yorkshire

There is many romantic things for couples to enjoy doing in North Yorkshire. There is many relaxing walks that you can opt to do in this area or there is some more adventurous hikes that you can opt to do.

Studley Royal and Fountains Abbey

Studley Royal and Fountains Abbey are a great place to visit and these are both World Heritage Sites. Both of these sites are home to vast grounds and a visit to the Abbey would not be complete with a visit to the water gardens and this venue even has a tea-room. These sites are a great place to watch some wildlife including deer.

Helmsey Castle

Helmsey Castle is a wonderful place to visit and it really is a castle fit for a princess.

Places To Visit in North Yorkshire For Free

There is many things that you can enjoy doing in North Yorkshire for free.

Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks offers the perfect day out for people of all ages. This area is home to a variety of moorland, rocks and woodlands. This area has been named as a natural playground for nature. This area has some giant formations of rocks and this was created over a million years ago by an immense river. The rocks have been sculped by three hundred and twenty years of wind and ice.

Malham Cove

Malham Cove is a seventy meter high cliff will gentle curves and they are made of white limestone. These cliffs formed along the line of the Middle Craven Fault and it has eroded backwards. Over the past 15 million years the landscape in this area will have changed at least three times due to huge sheets of ice. Nowadays the water flows underground where it was once permanently frozen. This area is home to a wide range of wildlife including peregrine falcons who use the area for nesting during the summer months.

Days Out for Families in North Yorkshire

Families will not be disappointed with a visit to North Yorkshire as there is plenty of exciting things to keep them busy.

York Chocolate Factory

York Chocolate Factory is well worth a visit and it will be popular with everyone, as you really can’t go wrong when a day out involves chocolate. This exhibition offers three hundred years of mouth-watering history and as well as telling the stories of how the chocolate is made and the chance to make your own.

Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey is located in a thirty thousand acre estate where people can enjoy walks along the riverside and discover the fantastic ruins and sculptures of the 12th century priory.