There are lots of things to so and do in the beautiful Cheshire area. Our travel guide will help you find them whilst on tour in this region

Things to Do In Cheshire

There is a vast array of things to see and do in Cheshire regardless of your interests, age and available budget. Regardless of whether you are a lone traveller or a family there is plenty to do in Cheshire. There are many quirky museums that you may opt to visit and there is many hidden gems for you to explore in several beautiful gardens. For children visiting this county there are many magical days and a number of different festivals that take place. The beauty and uniqueness of this county makes it one of the best places to enjoyable a short break. Chester is home to the oldest racecourse and the biggest Roman Amphitheatre in the United Kingdom.

Things to Do in Cheshire When It’s Raining

There are many things that you can enjoy doing on a damp day in Cheshire.


For the adrenaline junkies there is a climbing wall at BeBoulder where you can test your skills at rock climbing and these session can be booked for either thirty minutes or sixty minutes.

Blue Planet Aquarium

For people interested in animals the Blue Planet Aquarium is worth a visit and this venue offers an underwater world that is captivating and it is home to more than one hundred displays which includes one of the largest shark collections in Europe. The aquarium has plenty of marine life to keep you busy for hours. Take a wander through the underwater shark tunnel and enjoy the fish and sharks swimming over the top of your head. The flooded forest is home to exotic freshwater species from South America. The pirate playground at this venue is a great way for young explorers to use up a bit of energy and it is complete with monkey bars, crocodiles, slides ad ship wrecks.

Cheshire Military Museum

For historians the Cheshire Military Museum is well worth a visit and this museum tells the story of many generations of soldiers from today back till the 17th century.

Days Out For Couples in Cheshire

There is many romantic things that you can enjoy doing in Cheshire and this includes one of the numerous walks that are available in this area.

Lyme Park

Lyme Park is the perfect place for couples or enjoy a gentle stroll and the stately home is a great place to visit and offers the perfect photo opportunity. Over recent years this park has been used for many television programs which includes a scene from Pride and Prejudice and features Colin Firth and the Cage was inspirational for the Great British Bake Off showstoppers. This park is home to fifteen acres of gardens and the deer park has over one thousand acres, which are a popular spot for walking.

Tatton Park and Dunham Massey

If you would like to do a bit of deer watching then there is a few places in Cheshire where you can do this and two of the best are Tatton Park and Dunham Massey.

Places To Visit In Cheshire For Free

There is many things that you can see and do for free in Cheshire, therefore this is a great area for people who are on a tighter budget.

Blakemere Village

Blakemere Village is one attraction that you should visit. This village is located in the lovely countryside of Cheshire and it offers an out of town experience. This attraction is a great place to take children as there is a lot of activities on offer and for the adults this venue offers a shopping experience that is unique.

Walton Hall Gardens

Walton Hall Gardens is a lovely garden at a country hall and this offers a great place to go for a stroll. There are a number of activities on offer in these gardens and this includes a play area, crazy golf and a petting zoo where children can enjoy feeding the animals.

Days Out For Families in Cheshire

There is a vast array of things for children to do in Cheshire.


Jellybeans is an indoor play area that is set over multi levels and it includes a sports ball zone and a wavy astro slide. This venue also has an electric kart, crazy golf and an indoor climbing wall. This venue offers adults a café where they can relax and enjoy a specialist coffee and food that is freshly prepared.

Head Over Heels

Head over heels is another indoor play arena and it offers plenty to enable the children to have a lot of fun and they will not know where to start.

Hack Green

For families who are interested in history the Hack Green secret nuclear bunker is a great place to visit. Hack Green is one of the nations secret sites of defence and it has played a central role in the defence of Britain for sixty years. This secret bunker is accessed via rolling countryside and picturesque farmland and the location really is peaceful.

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