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Things to Do In Cambridgeshire

The county of Cambridgeshire is located in East Anglia on the border with Bedfordshire and Northampton to the west, Suffolk to the East. Lincolnshire to the north, Norfolk to the north-east, and Hertfordshire and Essex to the south. There is a vast array of things for people to enjoy doing and seeing in this area and something to suit all tastes and ages. The attractions that are available in this area include historic houses, museums and zoos, to name a few.

Things to Do in Cambridgeshire When It’s Raining

Oliver Cromwell’s house

There are many activities that can be enjoyed in the county of Cambridgeshire even on days when it is raining. Oliver Cromwell’s House is a place of great historical interest and this is the family home of the former Lord Protector and is the only residence that still exists in Hampton Court. This house lets you experience what it would have been like to have been there in the 17th century with a number of period rooms re-created and an exhibition of the English Civil Wars. The other activities that are well worth exploring at this attraction would be Mrs Cromwell’s kitchen, playing with toys from the time and trying on period clothing. This attraction offers guided tours and the audio headsets really bring the house’s story to life.

Peterborough museum

Peterborough museum is also worth a visit when in Cambridgeshire. This museum is located in one of the most historical buildings in Cambridgeshire and it is home to a wealth of stories which will enthral and fascinate the family both young and old. There is an amazing wealth of interactive displays and objects for all ages to enjoy. There is over 200,000 items in the collections at this venue.

Sedgewick museum

Sedgewick Museum is a museum of Earth sciences and it is one of the oldest museums that are part of the University of Cambridge. This museum was established in 1728 as a Woodwardian Museum. Since this museum began with a collection of ten thousand fossils, rocks and minerals it has grown to a collection of about two millions. Taking a walk through the museum will transport you on a historical journey of about 4.5 billion years. This museum plays a major part of the research and teaching in the Earth Sciences Department.

Days Out for Couples in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is a great place for couples as there is a lot of romantic things that you can enjoy doing. There are a lot of great walks in the area and if you want something a little cosier then a trip to the Hidden Rooms will not disappoint. This venue offers dim lighting and plush seating which is a great way to enjoy a gin and tonic. This venue is the perfect place to enjoy a sophisticated drink and some good conversation or even enjoy one of the jazz evenings. If you would prefer something that is a little livelier then Baroosh can make the perfect location. There is a lot of quirky areas in this bar where you can sit and enjoy a chat and enjoy a cocktail. People may also choose to dance the night away at this bar. You may prefer to get back to your primal instincts with a trip to Linton Zoo. There is many fascinating animals that call this zoo home and this includes lions and tarantulas.

Places To Visit in Cambridgeshire for Free

If you are visiting the county of Cambridgeshire on a budget there is no need to worry as there is still plenty to see and do.

Fitzwilliam museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum is classed as one of the most popular attractions in this area and it is free of charge. This museum offers everything from impressionist paintings to medieval weapons.

Visit the Eagle pub

The Eagle is a public house and although it costs for refreshments this famous pub still has a lot to offer for free. Visitors to this venue can enjoy the pub where Francis Crick and James Watson once enjoyed a drink and these were the men who discovered the double-helix structure of DNA. As well as these attractions there is a lot of walks and parks that can be enjoyed within this area.

Days Out For Families in Cambridgeshire

There is a vast amount of attractions in Cambridge that caters for families and they are able to keep people of all ages busy for many hours.

Sacrewell farm

Sacrewell farm and country centre is a lovely little venue where you can take children to see some animals. The children can enjoy meeting the donkeys, shire horses, sheep, lambs and many more farmyard animals. The wildlife trail on this farm is well worth a visit and you will be able to see various wonderful animals. The activity barn at this venue is a great way for children to get rid of some energy in the soft play area, play frame, games and pedal tractors. This venue is home to a restaurant that sells an array of food and beverages.

Farmyard museum and Denny Abbey

The Farmyard Museum and Denny Abbey is another attraction that is excellent for children and it will appeal to people of all ages. This museum will let you discover the history of farming. This attraction is located in a former farmworkers cottage and the cottages are designed to look like it would in the 1940’s. This venue enables you to look at the workshops of craftsmen where you can see the work of wheelwrights, blacksmiths and basket makers. There is a number of different displays at this attraction and these include agricultural machinery and tools which date back one hundred years. There is also a children’s play area where they can let of a bit of steam.

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