There’s plenty to see and do in Cambridge. Our Cambridge travel guide will help you find them whilst on tour in the Cambridge area

Things to Do In Cambridge

Cambridge is best known for its university, however there is a wide range of things to see and do in this area. The city of Cambridge is located in eastern England on the banks of the River Cam. There is plenty to do in the city regardless of interests and age. Whether you are looking for shopping, an adrenaline rush or something a little more relaxing Cambridge has something to offer.

Things to Do in Cambridge When It’s Raining

There is a lot of exciting things to do in Cambridge which are indoors therefore they will not be affected by damp weather.

IWM Duxford

For aviation enthusiasts IWM Duxford is well worth a visit as it offers you the opportunity to walk through buildings and hangers as this base which was used by the RAF. The buildings and hangers are home to a range of aircraft and historical objects related to aviation.

Cambridge Science Centre

For science buffs the Cambridge science centre is worth a visit and this is great for people of all ages. This facilities offers interactive technology, science, maths and engineering related exhibits, works and exceptional shows.

Ely Cathedral

For historians Ely Cathedral is a lovely place to visit and it offers a great deal of heritage and history that will be very interesting. Over the years this cathedral has proved a popular choice with people of all ages from across the world. There are many types of architecture that can be explored and there is history at every corner with beautiful sculptures made from glass, stone and wood.

Days Out For Couples in Cambridge

There is many great things for couples to do in city of Cambridge.


The shopping in the city is a great way to spend a day. The city is home to a historic market that has been trading with various stalls since the middle ages. The stalls within the market sell a wide range of products including fresh food, plants, clothes, books, films, second hand bikes and much more. On a Sunday the market area is home to an arts and crafts market and local farmers who sell organic produce. This market also has a number of local artists who focus on sculptures, photography and art.

Flight Studio and VA

For couples interested in aviation there is a couple of venues where you can enjoy simulator experience, these can be enjoyed at the Flight Studio and VA.

Botanical Gardens at Cambridge University

If the weather is nice a stroll around the botanic gardens at Cambridge University can be a nice way to spend a few hours.

Clip ‘n’ Climb

Couples looking for an adrenaline rush may be interested in a visit to Clip ‘n’ Climb, as you can have a race to the top on the climbing wall.

Places To Visit in Cambridge For Free

Cambridge has a lot of options for people who are on a bit of stricter budget, as there is a lot of things to see and do that will not cost anything.


There are many walks around this area and these are a great way to explore more than eight hundred years worthy of history in the city.

Evensong at St John’s Chapel or King’s College

For something a little different why not enjoy some Evensong at St John’s Chapel or King’s College. This activity is enchanting especially during winter months. Whilst listening to evensong you can also enjoy the specular architecture at King’s College.

Fitzwilliam Museum

Fitzwilliam Museum is very popular free attraction in this area and it offers everything from impressionist paintings to medieval weapons. This museum is also home to some rotating exhibits as well as the permanent ones therefore there is always something new to see.

Days Out for Families in Cambridge

The city of Cambridge has a lot of things for families to do regardless of age. The top attractions for families in this area include Planet Ice Arena, Hamerton zoo park, Church farm rare breeds centre, Skylark maize maze and funyard and also the centre for computing history.

Planet Ice Arena

Planet Ice Arena is a great skating rink and it is offers the perfect day out for people of all ages. There is a range of activities at this arena so there is something the suit all abilities and there is even weekly ice disco sessions complete with a live DJ.

Hamerton Zoo Park

Hamerton zoo park is home to a vast array of animals and there is a railroad train that runs around the park. This park has enough on offer to keep families busy for a whole day. There is sessions where you can actually get in contact with the animals and this includes getting up close to reptiles, tigers, cheetahs and lemurs, however there is an extra charge for this experience.

Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard

Skylark Maize Maze and funyard are other attractions that can keep families busy for a whole day. As the name suggests there is a maze which is made from maize, which is a great way to spend several hours. This facility also offers pig racing, tractor rides, bouncy castle, petting zoo, obstacle course and a giant sand pit.

Church Farm

Church farm rare breeds centre is great for families as it has a great deal of outdoor activities that will certainly tire out the little ones with an indoor play area, nature walks, and also includes tractor rides and pig racing.

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