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Motorhome Cooking Tips

We are now well into January and many of us have already turned our thoughts to our next motorhome trip, even if it’s only a few ear-marked dates, we still can’t help but get excited about where we will go and what we will do in the coming year.

One of the biggest considerations for motorhomers planning a trip away is food.

Where will we eat?

What will we eat?

What shall we take?

And, how will we cook it?

Have a look below at a few motorhome cooking tips we have put together to get you into the mood for preparing and creating culinary delights whilst on the move this year.

1 – Remember everything moves around

It’s worth remembering that when you are travelling in a motorhome you will, of course, be moving around…and so will everything else inside your motorhome.

Put food containers in spots where they won’t slip off the side and spill while you are on the move.

Placing food in cartons and boxes and not in plastic carrier bags also helps keep them safe from bumps and bruises; bungee cords can be useful for securing boxes.

For the same reason, don’t take anything that is breakable, like glass or heavy pots.

Ideally you will take along plastic drinking glasses and plates that are lighter and more robust.

2 – Perishable food

By all means take perishable food like meat, fish and dairy, but make sure you plan on eating it early on in your trip and take along your cooler too.

Anything you are going to have later on needs to have a reasonably long shelf-life; e.g. tins of tuna, beans, jam, cereals.

3 – Cous Cous beats pasta for speed

Boiling pasta on board a motorhome can be difficult as heating water can take a long time. Cous cous is a good idea as it does not take that long to cook.

4 – Top cooking equipment

Take with you a decent cook’s knife and a non-stick frying pan as these can be essential for cooking up some easy and tasty family meals while you are away.

5 – BBQing

BBQ food is popular with many motorhomers.

If you are worried about whether or not your meat is cooked through properly then take along a meat thermometer which you can pick up for just a few pounds.

Remember also, that you can cook lots of other foods on your BBQ like bananas, marshmallows and vegetable kebabs.

Most importantly! Don’t plan too much.

Motorhomes are fun and part of that fun is the ability to be spontaneous and try new things.

Often, the place where you are going or somewhere you might stumble across while en route to your destination will house local produce like eggs, milk, cheese and vegetables, all of which tastes much nice direct from the farm, and certainly adds to the spirit of motorhoming.

Enjoy your motorhome cooking

We do hope our motorhome cooking tips have helped you be a little more prepared when it comes to thinking about what you’ll eat whilst you’re away.  If you’re an established motorhomer you probably knew all of the above in any event, but if you’re new to this way of life, then these tips were for you.

Don’t forget, if you have other motorhome cooking tips which the Travelworld community would find useful we’re always open to adding them to our list.  Give us a shout on social media.

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