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Road trip car games

Long road trips are all part of the fun for motorhome lovers but sometimes it’s good to keep things fresh by playing games along the way. This is especially true if you have youngsters on board. So aside from the perennial I-Spy, here are a few games you can try out on your next trip:

The Alphabet Game

As the name suggests – the idea is to name things in alphabetical order, based on a category.


  • Pick a category, such as films, bands, food, cars.
  • First player starts with A. Then the next person has to continue with B, then next person with C, and so on. (Example: Food category. Apple, Banana, Carrot)
  • Variation: To make it harder, stay on each letter until someone fails: (Example: Food category. Apple, Asparagus, Anchovy etc…)


Number Plate Phrase Game

The object is to make a phrase out of letters on passing number plates.


  • Phrases must make sense and be a part of typical speech
  • Permissible example: EYD – Enjoy Your Day
  • Not permissible: EYD – Elephant Yoghurt Duster


Number Plate Cricket

Create a fantasy cricket match using digits on passing number plates


  • Take turns to be the batter
  • Note the LAST digit from passing cars
  • Every number between 1-6 counts as runs.
  • Every number between 6-9 counts as no score.
  • If the last number is 0 you are OUT.
  • You have three innings each.
  • At the end of your third innings, the next person becomes the batter.


20 questions/Who Am I?

A classic for cars or parties. Each player, in turn, chooses a person (either a famous person or someone known to the whole group) and fellow passengers have to guess who it is. Very obscure people should be avoided.


  • Only 20 questions are allowed per round.
  • Only Yes or No answers are allowed.
  • Permissible question examples: Are you female? Are you American?
  • Not permissible question examples: Where do you live? How old are you?


The Memory Game

There are several versions of this game. But the idea is the same. Players must remember a list of items then add their own.


  • Player one starts off by saying: In my bag there’s a …… (insert random object such as ‘camera’)
  • Next player has to say: In my bag there’s a camera and a ….. (insert another object) such as: In my bag there’s a camera and a spoon.
  • If a player forgets an item or says them out of turn, they are out.
  • Variations can include: On my picnic I am taking a…. Or, I went to the zoo and saw a….

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