Motorhome Air Conditioning Becomes Latest Service at Travelworld

Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld becomes regional air-conditioning machine service & repair centre for WAECO, automotive air conditioning leaders

The UK’s exclusive HYMER motorhome dealer, Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld has announced it has become a regional air-conditioning machine service and repair centre for automotive air conditioning leaders, WAECO. 

As part of its bid to offer customers a more comprehensive choice of air conditioning repairs and service needs, the company has invested in two new WAECO machines. 

EHCT factory-trained staff can now service, repair and regenerate the air conditioning gasses of customer motorhome vehicles, be that chassis, roof mounted or industrial refrigeration units. F Gas certified technicians can retrieve any residual air-con gas from the system, refresh the gas or install brand new gas, so air-con systems can work correctly and efficiently.

Erik Baxendale, EHCT Operations manager says: “Legislation changes in recent years mean we presently have two types of air-con gas in use for motor vehicles, either R134a or R1234, the former has been used for around 20 years and the latter was introduced only recently as a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. The way in which the machines extract, recycle and reinstall the gasses are different and it was important that we cover all eventualities for customers.” 

Air-con re-gassing can also be performed on cars, vans and lorries, and rooftop air-conditioning re-gassing can be carried out on Dometic; Truma; Telair air-conditioning units, once the unit is outside its normal warranty period.

In line with chassis manufacture recommendations for air-con servicing, EHCT is offering 

customers the opportunity to have their chassis air-con serviced every two years and roof mounted air-con units serviced every three years. The centre points out that air-conditioning gas degenerates if not used for a least five minutes per month, including the winter months, therefore reducing both efficiency and output. They also advise that it is illegal to release air-conditioning gasses into the atmosphere. 

Erik added: “WAECO machines are the air-con units favoured by most motorcar manufacturers, who insist on using the brand exclusively in their workshops. As we are a Centre of Excellence for Dometic Group, a global market leader in branded solutions for mobile living, and of which WAECO forms part of, it means we can go one step further in helping our customers take premium care of their motorhomes and accessories.”