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Motorhome owners demand 5G internet while travelling

5G Wi-Fi has fast become a must-have for motorhome and camper van enthusiasts, according to parts specialist Andy Willacy.

The 5G roll-out is now in full swing and is available in the most populated areas of the UK, Europe and beyond.

5G has the potential to be up to 10 times faster than 4G as it uses smaller wavelengths and much higher frequencies, allowing multiple devices to be used simultaneously, as well as smart appliances such as lights and fridges.

Andy, of Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld in Stafford, said almost every motorhome leaving the dealership is now fitted with the ultrafast technology.

“The demand for 5G has been huge,” said Andy. “Practically every new vehicle we sell is being upgraded to 5G, if it doesn’t already have it as standard, and many people are asking for it to be retrofitted to older vehicles when they come in for a service or other work.

“The internet is no longer a luxury – it’s an essential that powers so many different devices and electronics. People are not willing to be without the best internet technology while away in their motorhomes.”

5G routers allow for access to 4G or even 3G networks when the latest technology is not available in more remote areas.

An updated router can be retrofitted by the Travelworld parts team within one day.

Andy said he expects to see traditional motorhome satellite systems become obsolete in just a few years.

“Satellites have been a staple feature of motorhomes for decades but they are rapidly being replaced by Wi-Fi systems, which are much more affordable,” said Andy.

“More and more people are watching television via streaming platforms so there is no need for a satellite. This is particularly true as 5G is rolled-out, offering superfast speeds that comfortably deliver buffer-free viewing – even if the kids are watching their own shows on a tablet at the same time.

“It is rare for us to fit a satellite system in a motorhome these days.”

Around three-quarters (77%) of the UK population has access to 5G, with huge amounts of money being invested to ensure rural areas receive the same service by 2030.

But it doesn’t end there with research and development under way on 6G as the UK aims to become a “science and tech superpower”.

Interested in adding 5G internet to your motorhome or camper van? Click here to contact the parts team or call 01785 878787.

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