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Motorhome Market Makes Way For the Younger Generation

New reports in the industry are showing there has been a growth in European motorhome sales and some experts are putting this down to an increased interest from younger people in new and used motorhomes.

The motorhome market as a whole is on the rise in Europe and there has been growth in the UK, as well as other areas in Europe which are now starting to pick up.

One of the ways in which 35 – 45 year olds are being targeted is through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, as well as expert bloggers.

The Panel Van

The surge of interest in the panel van in all countries and brands is on the up and many are attributing sales of panel vans as the main contributing factor to the industry’s growth. The panel van is very accessible as a second car and the size allows for great manoueverability.

The Hymer Van

Hymer is known as the ‘inventor’ of the panel van and thanks to the compact dimensions of the Hymer Van, it can easily be used as an additional vehicle for families and couples. Like a car, it is light an agile and can largely be parked where a car can. Although there are conveniences, there are still high levels of comfort with a bathroom, shower, bed and garage – which is what buyers want as well!

Ross Edwards, Managing Director of Travelworld says: “We have seen an increased interest from the 35 – 45 year old generation of motorhomers in the last few years.

“There are many different reasons for rise in the motorhome market, mainly lifestyle and convenience: people enjoy having flexibility in their holidays and the ability to ‘go anywhere at anytime’ – a motorhome offers this in abundance.

Also, as a luxury motorhome, there is an immediate level of trust people have in Hymer motorhomes, in terms of build, quality and desirability.”

Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld stocks a range of new and used motorhomes for sale from a number of German brands, including: Carado, Dethleffs, Hymer and Niesmann + Bischoff.

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