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Motorhome Family Experience Trip of a Lifetime

A family of four has completed the trip of a lifetime in their motorhome.

The Hurst family, including dad, David, mum, Debs and their two children, Daniel (6) and Darley (4) sold their house and bought a smaller one so they could afford a larger motorhome for their travels.

They set off on their trip in 2015, after realising their love for motorhoming on a holiday to Spain the previous year.

They covered 25,000 miles on the trip and explored 12 different countries in 12 months.

They called the trip ‘education by astonishment’, taking their eldest son out of school and educating him themselves while on the move and incorporating a home schooling routine, covering all the subjects his peers would be learning in the classroom.

The places they visited included France, Spain, Morocco and Belguim.

They said of France that there was a great sense of ‘welcome’ for motorhomers.

There is an abundance of overnight parking areas ( aires) and service areas offering waste disposal and places where you can fill up with fresh water which are either free or of minimal cost. David said these places can be found in some of the most beautiful places.

Spain was also a favorite hot spot of the Hurst’s. Here, they visited Bilabao, Gijon and Santiago de Compestela, citing Playa de Frexulje as one of the nicest places they went to.

Spain also offers plenty of aires for motorhomers and there are campsites and ‘camperstops’ all over the country.

They visited Andalucia, which is the most southern point of the country, steeped in history and culture, David said it was a joy to drive there and there is plenty of free parking for motorhomers in Granada and Malaga.

The family was moved by the cultural difference they experienced when they visited Morocco where they visited the Rif mountains in Chefchaouen.

David said that those travelling with a motorhome would need to make sure that they had the correct documentation when travelling to Morocco, including an importation of a vehicle form. This family loved the trip of a lifetime.

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