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Monarchs Love Motorhomes

It’s not every day you see the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh sampling the delights of a modern camper van. However, recently the Royal duo did indeed take what is believed to be their first motorhome tour in a luxury motorhome model, proving that Monarchs love motorhomes.

The couple, who are used to more spacious living in their official residence of Buckingham Palace, with its 775 rooms, 108 m x 120 m deep dimensions and 40 acre garden, took a tour of a motorhome factory while on an official tour of Bristol.

Mavis The Luxury Motorhome Obtains Stamp Of Approval

During the visit they took a ride in one of the camper vans. The £45,395 luxury motorhome affectionately nicknamed, ‘Mavis’ seemed to obtain the Royal stamp of approval after the Queen declared: “It’s a real home from home, very nice.”

Although motorhomes may appear modest in comparison to a palace, camper vans are no longer the purely functional creations they perhaps were some decades ago. The full range of modern motorhomes now has the outdoor pursuit elite as buyers. With the ability to travel almost anywhere in the world, family campers from all age brackets are appreciating the versatility that a mobile home offers.

British holidaymakers in particular have taken to the camper van wheel in favour of taking to the air or the sea as airline holidays and cruise budgets are not as big as they once were thanks to the economic downturn.

Motorhomes Provide Flexibility

Ross Edwards, Managing Director of Travelworld Motorhome says: “Holiday destinations are getting closer to home and motorhome enthusiasts can be a lot more flexible than other holidaymakers. If the area they arrive in is a disappointment they can simply pack up and move on to the next stop.”

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