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Midlands Motorhome Showroom Fuels Business With Solar Panels

A motorhome showroom in Shropshire has completed a 200 panel solar energy project aimed to reduce its carbon output. Travelworld Motorhomes began work on the 50 kw renewable energy programme in May this year. Following permission from Western Power, the motorhome company decided to use the large roof space to attach a solar panel rack to the roof structure.

Solar Project

Already A 30 % reduction in electricity usage, Company Accountant, Kevin Hartley, who has been involved with the project, said that the size of the workshop and motorhome showroom meant a lot of heat and light energy was consumed and that, as an organisation, they knew they had to take action to reduce this environmental impact.

He said: “During the last year, we have embarked on a phased project to reduce both reliance on energy supplies and green house emissions to the atmosphere.

The project has seen us install a 50kw Solar PV system which equates to 200 panels. We are already seeing the benefit of this with a 30% reduction in our external supplied electricity over the last six months.

Biomass Project

As well as the solar panel project, the company is currently installing a biomass boiler system which, once it becomes operational, will result in green house emissions being cut by approximately 97 tonnes per annum.

Kevin said: “We have also trialled and installed water saving systems which have resulted in a reduction in consumption of approximately 1300 ltrs per annum.”

In the New Year, Traveworld will also be introducing a ‘customer view’ in its reception area, so that the results of the energy programmes can be seen by everyone.

Managing Director of Travelworld, Ross Edwards, said: “Installing the solar panels has been a new and exciting project for Travelworld, made even more so with the positive results we have already seen. We predict that the effects of our biomass project are going to be just as encouraging.”

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