Getting Your Motorhome Ready For Spring

Spring Preparations For Your Motorhome

It looks like the bad weather will be gone for a few months at least and most motorhomers are looking forward to getting behind the wheel again for some sunny excursions.

However, the cold winter will have had an impact on your motorhome while it has been in storage so it is important to make some routine checks before you go anywhere. Here are some tips for getting your motorhome ready for spring before you take to the road.

  1. Firstly, don’t leave it too late. Have a thorough inspection of your motorhome inside and out. If there is anything needing attention from a mechanic book it in as soon as you can. Leaving just a short time before could mean you find repair jobs that will take a few days to get sorted. Also, there could be a longer waiting time as many other motorhome owners are doing the same thing at this time of year
  2. Many motorhome dealers offer a spring check service that will get your motorhome in top shape and give you peace of mind before setting off
  3. Your own inspections should involve checking tyres for wear; checking wheels for corrosion; looking to see if there has been any leaks internally e.g. checking to see if there are any marks or damp patches in or on the furniture inside. Also check for fuel leaks on the floor underneath your RV
  4. Look through your manual to see if there are any required actions to take after storing your motorhome. This will include guidance on oil and filter changes. If in doubt, and you think you oil needs changing then it is a good idea to do so
  5. It is recommended that LPG inspections are carried out annually and at the start of the season by a qualified motorhome specialist
  6. Have a look at all your fluid connections including connections to waste and freshwater tanks. Test them out to make sure they are still in working order
  7. Sanitize the freshwater system by filling the tank and draining it a few times. There should be no water in the system if you have correctly winterized your motorhome, if not, then there could be an offensive smell. Flushing the system will get rid of this
  8. Infestations of mice and inspects can often occur over the winter months. Have a look in all cupboards, refrigerator vents and small spaces for signs of habitation
  9. Let some air inside. Even if there has been no sign of damp or mildew it’s likely there will be a slight fusty aroma. Vacuum all the carpets and soft furnishings.
  10. Replenish your stock. This will include: cleaning and cooking products and kitchen utensils
  11. If you have a trailer then it is a good time to repack the bearings. Over winter the grease can drift away from the bearing and create a dry spot which in turn can lead to damage
  12. If you left our battery charging or left it in situ over winter now is a good time to have a look and see that all is well. You should also check that all your other battery-operated mechanisms are working including lights and signals
  13. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors need to be tested as well as fire extinguishers

If you have any other questions about getting your motorhome ready for spring, then get in touch with us at Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld where we will be happy to help!

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