How to clean your motorhome exterior

There are not many people who enjoy cleaning the exterior of their motorhome. It is, however, a necessary chore – not only so the vehicle looks its best, but also to protect against dirt build up and damage.

Everyone will have their own method for cleaning their motorhome but, for first-timers and those looking to up their game, here are a few tips from the Travelworld experts.



First off, it’s best to clean your motorhome when it is cool and overcast to avoid the water drying and leaving streaks.

Ideally, position your motorhome on a slight slope so that the water runs off naturally as you go.

Start with the roof

It’s best to start with the roof so that any dirt falls downwards and can be dealt with later.

Find a suitable ladder and either a hosepipe or a pump water sprayer. Climb up the ladder and hose the roof, washing away any large debris or leaves. Don’t be tempted to use a pressure washer on a motorhome as they are liable to damage the paintwork, silicone and delicate items such as solar panels and vents.

Mix some specialist motorhome shampoo with warm water and start cleaning using a large reach brush. Once complete, use a sponge and shampoo to clean the harder to reach places. A long angled decorator’s brush can be used to reach even tighter areas, such as around any solar panels.

Finish by washing down with a hose or sprayer and dry using a squeegee.

Some motorhomes are sturdy enough to stand on the roof – but check with your manufacturer before climbing on board and be careful of not slipping off.

Deal with those black streaks

All motorhome owners will know about the frustration of ugly black streaks, which are predominantly caused by the rubber seals around windows and archways. Apply a special black streak remover by spraying to the rubbers and affected areas.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe clean and then rinse off.

Wash the sides

We recommend a two bucket approach to cleaning the sides of your motorhome. Dilute specialist motorhome cleaner into warm water in one bucket and pour clean cold water in the other.

Dip your long reach brush into the shampoo solution and get cleaning. When the brush needs to be rinsed, submerge it into the cold water and then back into the shampoo.

Once complete, dry as much water as you can with a squeegee or a cloth.

It’s best to unclip fridge vents and clean these separately.


The acrylic windows on the side of your motorhome need to be treated with the utmost respect to avoid damage. Some people like to use their bare hand dipped in cleaning solution to minimise the risk of scratches as much as possible. Alternatively, use a very soft cloth.

The front windscreen and cab windows can be cleaned by spraying on glass cleaner and then buffing with a cloth.


An alloy brush should be used on alloy wheels, or a softer brush on hubcaps. Be sure to give the tyres a quick wipe as well.

The finishing touch

Make your motorhome sparkle with specialist wax, applying a thin coat directly onto the vehicle and buffing with a finishing cloth after 30 minutes or so.

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