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Driving A Motorhome In The London Low Emission Zone

Motorhome Driving In London And Low Emissions

The LEZ came into effect in 2008 and the idea behind it was to stop larger diesel-thirsty vehicles going through the capital and creating emission fumes. It is therefore important to plan in advance when driving a motorhome in London.

As well as the positive impact of lowering emissions in the capital, the LEZ has also had its critics: mainly those who use large commercial vehicles within or around the city. It has also created a few hurdles for motorhome owners.

The Low Emission Zone is largely confined to the inside of the M25, anything on the periphery, you will not get charged for. If you want more details you can check your vehicle online.

London is not the only European city to use this system of emission control. Cities in Germany and Holland also employ a Low Emission Zone policy.

Does my motorhome comply with the LEZ rules?

As well as diesel motorhomes (petrol engines are excluded), coaches, buses and larger commercial vehicles are subject to the Low Emission Zone rules.

As of January 2012 diesel motorhomes registered before 2002, were brought into the LEZ rules – previously it had been mainly commercial vehicles. Those engines also not deemed fit to comply with Euro III emissions level are those above 3.5 tonnes GVW and with a registration date of before 1 October 2006

Some campervans which are below 2.5 tonnes are exempt from the charges.

Low Emission Zone Fines

The daily charge for entering the LEZ is £200 and fines go up to £500 if you fail to pay in advance.

No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, if you do not pay the charge then you will be traced by one of a series of cameras dotted around the zone. The cameras will use your registration to locate your details and you will receive a letter warning you if this is your first time. Penalties are charged at £500 or £250 if you pay within two weeks.

What are my options if my motorhome doesn’t comply with the LEZ rules?

  1. Non-payment of the charge is not an option as you will be traced as indicated above
  2. You can fit a new engine that is compliant with the zone rules but you must make sure that that the DVLA know if you want to stop paying LEZ charges
  3. Having a diesel particulate filter fitted is one route but it is best to get a professional to do this. The job can cost around £3k plus annual servicing costs

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