Hymer Insider

Hymer Insider: Insight Into The New Niesmann + Bischoff Family Flair

In a continuation of his reports back from his secondment at HYMER HQ, Harry Price tells us about an exciting new Niesmann+Bishcoff prototype we can look forward to in 2020…. So, what’s this about a new...

Insights from the Hymer Dealer Conference 2019

Big kitchens, fresh floor plans and new worlds unfold at the Hymer Dealer conference 2019 We hope you’re sitting comfortably because we’ve got lots in store for you as our intrepid Hymer Insider, Harry...

HYMER Insider: Insights From Caravan Salon 2019

What did this year’s Caravan Salon uncover for our Hymer Insider, Harry Price? It’s billed as one of the world’s largest caravan and camping trade fairs; a place where concepts are unveiled and new...

Travelworld’s New HYMER Insider – Harry Price

We’ve got some exciting news at Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld! Our very own marketing executive, Harry Price has taken to the road in his trusty Fiat Panda and travelled all the way to the HYMER factory in...

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