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HYMER Exsis-t

The uncompromising pursuit of excellence

Beauty – inside and out

Compact, lightweight and highly manoeuvrable yet unstinting in its commitment to quality and comfort, the Exsis-t range represents a masterstroke in design and engineering which ticks so many boxes for the modern-day motorhome owner. Beautifully appointed, inside and out, these models lend themselves to years of enjoyment from cosy nights in to the great outdoors.

HYMER Exsis-t
HYMER Exsis-t 474

A world of choice

With models ranging from under 6m to 7.4m in length, this feature-packed vehicle range offers an incredible variety of layout and specification. What does not vary, however, is HYMER’s relentless focus on engineering excellence, innovation and ultimate customer satisfaction.

HYMER Exsis-t 474


A weight of less than 3,500kg makes this the lighter, slender choice for discerning travellers.
With state-of-the-art production techniques, this range sets a new standard among semi-integrated motorhomes.
A comprehensive safety package comes as standard, including airbags, ESP, hill start assist and much more.
Fantastic insulation from the elements is offered with PUAL 2.0-foamed walls and aluminium inner/outer skin.
Superior finishes and quality carpentry are found everywhere on the Exsis-t range, from the sporty trim to the soft-closing drawers.
An abundance of storage means you don’t have to agonise on what to leave behind – just pack everything for that perfect break!

HYMER Exsis-t Models

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HYMER Exsis-t 374

Truly wonderful drive
The Hymer Exsis-T 374 is now the smallest in the Exsis range replacing the Van 374 from previous years
Class Semi-integrated
Length 5.99m
Weight 3,500 kg (3,850 optional)
Berths 2 (3 optional)
Floorplan Single beds

HYMER Exsis-t 474

Compact and practical
The Hymer Exsis t 474 is a compact and practical motorhome and at just 6.5m in length, makes for a very functional vehicle
Class Semi integrated
Length 6.59m
Weight 3,500 kgs (3,850 optional)
Berths 2 (3 optional)
Floorplan Single beds over garage

HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure

Special edition model
Now with face-lifted interior and based upon the Citroën chassis, the special edition 580 Pure offers a price saving of over £11,000+
Class Semi-integrated
Length 6.99m
Weight 3,500kgs
Berths 4
Floorplan Double beds

HYMER Exsis-t 678

Incredibly spacious lounge area
The 678 model is one of the largest and includes rear single beds with an incredibly spacious lounge area - perfect for entertaining!
Class Semi-integrated
Length 7.44m
Weight 3,500 kgs (3,850 kgs optional)
Berths 2 (3 optional)
Floorplan Single beds / Garage

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