Best motorhomes under 3,500kg

When it comes to motorhomes, 3,500 is the magic number.

The reason is simple – any vehicle weighing 3,500kg or less can be driven on a standard Category B car licence.

If you want a larger motorhome weighing more, a C1 licence is required, which will enable you to drive anything up to a whopping 7,500kg. A separate test is required for this.

There is a caveat. If you took your driving test before January 1997, your licence will automatically have C1 entitlement and weight is, therefore, less of a consideration. If you passed after January 1997, you will have a Category B licence.

It is for this reason that many motorhomes are specifically designed to weigh-in at 3,500kg – half an African bush elephant – so that they can be driven by anyone without additional tests, regardless of when they passed their test.

Here we turn the spotlight on a few of our best motorhomes under 3,500kg.


Carado motorhomes offer fantastic German build quality at competitive prices – and the good news is all models are available at 3,500kg.

If you’re looking for a simple, smart motorhome with practical features that make travelling a breeze, this could be the brand for you.

Despite being less than seven metres in length, the Carado I 338 Clever has more space than meets the eye. A large garage and overcab bed are included as standard and the integrated driver’s cab makes the interior feel incredibly spacious.

Swivel driver and passenger seats help create a cosy lounge while the sleeping area can be adapted for two single beds or one large.

This model has been optioned with the Clever package, offering a bundle of accessories and features, including the exclusive Nebula upholstery, to present a modern and stylish interior design.

Carado T 338 Clever + features an enhanced version of the Clever bundle, presenting a stylish exterior with unique and distinctive interior design elements. 

The Clever+ pack offers comprehensive equipment and features set at a great value for money, including 16-inch alloy wheels and Chassis Comfort Package.

Dethleffs Trend

Almost all of the Dethleffs Trend models are available at 3,500kg. The Trend is the largest range in the Dethleffs motorhome offering with over 20 floor plan options.

The Dethleffs Trend T 6757 DBL includes an island bed with electric drop-down bed in the lounge, allowing this sub-seven metre motorhome to easily sleep four. As well as the huge standard specification, this 6757 has been optioned with Trend design package, silver painted exterior and 16-inch alloy wheels.

The Trend I 7057 EB, meanwhile, is one of the more popular models with the spacious L-shaped seating group and the two rear single beds. This model has also been optioned with the nine speed ZF gearbox, presenting a smooth and comfortable driving experience.


Offering the greatest comfort, exclusive furnishing and maximum security, HYMER products fulfil the desires of customers seeking the ultimate luxury.

The Hymer Exsis range comprises the company’s most lightweight and compact vehicles in both integrated and semi-integrated forms.

Two top picks in the motorhomes under 3,500kg category are the HYMER Exsis-t 580 and the HYMER Exsis-i 580.

The HYMER Exsis-t 580 is popular due to its rear single bed layout above a large garage, while the HYMER Exsis-i 580 benefits from a spacious integrated format, allowing for a panoramic views out of its large windscreen.

Both models also now include a facelifted interior, with beautiful bright oak wood finish and furniture with updated design elements and flowing finishes – all adding to the stunning aesthetics.

If you’re looking for a high-end motorhome within a compact chassis, the Hymer Exsis range is a great starting point.

Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove,

The iSmove is Niesmann+Bischoff’s brand-new range with a motorhomes under 3,500kg focus.

Despite its lightweight construction and compact exterior dimensions, the Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove is built to the same standard as a luxury liner.

It includes deluxe interior finishes with innovative space saving technology, such as L-shape kitchen conversion and face-to-face lounge including seat belt system.

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