What Did Winter Do To Your Motorhome Wheels

Motorhome Wheels And The Effects of Winter

It’s likely that your motorhome wheels have experienced the same winter of discontent as we all did last winter.

At this time of year, it’s understandable to want to forget the poor weather of last season but don’t be too hasty in pulling back the covers on your motorhome just yet. There are some important checks to make on your tyres before you begin any trips.

Top tips for tyre safety this spring

  1. Look out for winter wear on your tyres after being in storage. This kind of damage is often presented as cracking in the rubber or prior to cracking there could be faded grey areas on your tyres. It is important to check all tyres including the spare as this could result in a blow out on the road
  2. As you will know, tyre pressures should be checked periodically anyway. One of the important times to check is before you hit the road again after winter storage. Don’t incorrectly assume that the pressure will remain the same as when you stored it away; leaking can take place over winter
  3. If your tyres are not at the right pressure when you begin a journey then handling can be negatively affected and this can result in accidents on the road
  4. Do not check tyre pressures when they are warm as this could give you an incorrect reading
  5. Tyres treads are governed by law in terms of the measurements there must be existing within your tyres. They must be at least 1.6 mm in depth
  6. The gaps in between tyre treads can create a space that is capable of picking up unwanted objects on the road. Such objects could be bits of glass, large stones or anything else that fits in the space. Check your tyres to make sure none of these objects have pierced a hole. Get your tyres inflated and wait 24 hours to see if there has been any deflation
  7. The fifth wheel of your motorhome ( i.e. the spare tyre) will also need to be included in all of the above checks so don’t forget to include this in all your inspections

If you are uncertain of any damage which has happened to your tyres we recommend that you take your motorhome to a specialised motorhome dealer with aftersales service. This will ensure that your tyres are ready to be used at the highest possible safety standards.

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