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Video – Revamped Hymer Van

Hymer Van is a semi-integrated, compact motorhome, less than five and a half metres and really no bigger than the average family estate car. Van has been reintroduced into the market after Hymer focusing on agility of vehicles, the focus there being where they’re driving the vehicle, the terrain, can be very narrow roads or difficult to manoeuvre in car parks, this will just park in a normal car parking space. If you’re looking at a narrow lane, you’re not daunted about if you need to turn or reverse to enable to a beach or a remote location, you can do that.
You get the full semi-integrated space, you have a full double fixed bed, a garage, decent sized kitchen, and then a living/dinette area as well, with the swivel seats that you’d find in any semi-integrated van.

Every aspect from internal build quality to the body construction is exactly the same as the other ranges as you go up the price points in Hymer.

There’s a capability to have a lower rear bunk, which gives access to the rear bed area, more simplicity and less steps on the ladder and also more headroom when you’re in the bed. You have a slight reduction in the garage space, but it just gives you that added flexibility really with those two options.

Large garages give a great solution to storing chairs or activity equipment, whether it be fishing or golf, cycling or any one of those pursuits.

Driving is very car-like and you’ll find that it performs very similarly to a crossover type car – maybe a Nissan Quashqai or something of that ilk. That’s how you’d find it to drive.
Through the seasons you’ll find that the insulation is improved or better than a van conversion, and the focus of this is two/three -berth so more for couples or single users really.
You get the agility benefits of a van conversion, but on top of that you get enhancements in overall comfort and finite dimensions, and you’ll find that it’s like a full-bodied motorhome in how it performs.

Price point for every Hymer including Van is now lower than before for this season due to weaker Euro, or consistently weaker Euro. Value for money with Hymer is at an all-time high. Hymer have made it a policy now that every dealer pays the same, essentially, for effectively for every vehicle, regardless of its selling place in Europe.
I think with Hymer Van you can personalise it to how you want it, whether you want metallic paint or leather upholstery, it’s very car-like in how you can make it unique to you and for the use you’re gonna give the vehicle.

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