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The Exsis-i model is the start of the integrated model range – the A-Class range – and that fits about halfway up the entire range.
New and used Hymer motorhomes for saleUsed Hymer motorhomes for saleNew Hymer motorhomes for sale

Exsis-i is dynamic, it’s got agility, it’s narrower, fuel efficiency is very high and also it has the added benefit of decent payloads.

Hymer Exsis was the first slim line, narrow-bodied A-Class on the market and has become market leading in that segment ever since. Now in its seventh year of production and based on the Fiat/AL-KO chassis. The Exsis-i offers lightweight technology on a fully integrated motorhome.

There isn’t really anything in the UK that can compare with an Exsis-i and the build and the packaging are certainly impressive.

The Exsis-i is built in exactly the same production method as the other models in the range, including the very highest models at the highest price point. It goes down the same production line, has the same PUAL wall construction as the more expensive motorhomes – the weight saving is mainly from the dimensions and some other clever engineering features.

Everything that Hymer undertake or look into developing has to come up to the same high standards and if that isn’t available within the remit of what they’re trying to achieve it won’t be produced.

The quality of construction, and the insulation properties are the best in the industry and these vehicles are designed for all year-round use. There are 12 different layouts, and four and four at 5.99 metres, all the way up to an island bed at seven and a half metres.

There are lots of nice features available from the factory when ordering an Exsis-i; some of these include the Alde warm water system, for a truly winterised vehicle, also sierra silver full body paint graphics are available on Exsis, exactly the same as a Starline S, and accessories such as reverse cameras – all available at factory fit.

Exsis-i attracts people from all different areas – customers that are young, who are buying their first motorhome, but only have a three and a half ton licence, but also we have customers that have motorhomed all their life, reached 70, need to downsize, but still wanna stay with an A-Class.

I think a Hymer enthusiast that was downsizing would be more than impressed with the Exsis-i. It would impress them with the clever packaging and the way everything is done in small dimensions, but they’d also get the joy of lower running-costs and probably an easier vehicle to drive.

The driving aspect of the Exsis-i is one of the biggest features: exclusively on AL-KO chassis throughout the whole model range.

Exsis-i continually impress us when you looks at what’s in the vehicle – everything that you touch is solid, but yet it’s an efficient vehicle with loads of payload.

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