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The Exsis-t model is a brand new model for Hymer, and it’s the start of their range now of the low-profile models. The Exsis-t range has been designed alongside the Exsis-i as a lightweight motorhome, but the Exsis-t is a low-profile rather than an integrated model.

People who have got larger or top-of-the-range vehicles are often impressed with Exsis-t because they see many influences present in the top-end Hymer vehicles straight back down into the Exsis-t; and a lot of the features – they’re amazed by the way they package things in smaller spaces; and the way it drives – you know, it’s so nimble being on a smaller, shorter chassis and the driver experience is enhanced in may ways. The fact that it’s very car-like to drive and very cleverly and carefully specced, that’s what, I think, adds to the attraction and appeal of that range. Also, you’ve got the MPG factor, so you’re using less fuel and it’s more efficient; nimbler on the road, it’ll stop quicker, accelerate better, better for overtaking and all those features too.

The main part of the market in Germany enjoys using their motorhome all year round and so being winterised is very important to them, and we find the same in this country – we have a lot of people who see the benefits of having a motorhome that’s available to use all year round. And if they enjoy pursuits like skiing, it’s very possible to use it on holiday there.

People who definitely travel, and when they’re away they travel daily, you know, so they’ll perhaps have an interest or a hobby whilst they’re away, so they’ll find a nice site. But going on from that, they may even have an interest in architecture, or surfing, or sailing, or fishing and then they’ll want to go away from the site, directly to what they want to do. So they’re the people that are always moving that tend to buy an Exsis-t.

The technical specification of the Exsis-t is very similar to the Exsis-i and to the rest of the Hymer range, so Fiat AL-KO chassis and PUAL Superstructure aluminium construction methods. There are also some very nice accessories that are available from the factory, including Alde warm water heating systems, body paint, graphics, awnings, reverse cameras.

The majority of customers that have had UK-produced vehicles tend to find with a Hymer when they have a test-drive the first thing they recognise or notice is the lack of rattles and squeaks and jolts and twisting; and the build quality and the thoroughness of how they’re manufactured shows through immediately for those guys.

The Exsis-t was a brand new model this season and there are only three floor plans available. But, for the 2015 model year, the range will be extended to 11 floor plans – from 5.99 metres right the way up to seven and a half metres.

The Exsis-t allows us to offer the quality and the luxury of Hymer at a competitive price point, competing with many of the British brands.

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