Pre-delivery motorhome inspection checks with Erik Baxendale

Pre-delivery motorhome inspection checks with Erik Baxendale
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What is PDI? Well PDI stands for pre-delivery inspection, so it’s the inspection that we do on a motorhome before it’s sold. One a used motorhome for instance, we carry out about three and a half hours of avitation checks and we spend about an hour and a half to two hours on the chassis side as well, checking it before it goes out. On top of that we do a gas inspection for about three/three and a half hours and an electric inspection for about four hours, so all in all a PDI takes about 15 hours on a used vehicle and on new vehicles it’s about seven to eight hours.

Why does TravelWorld carry out PDI checks?

TravelWorld do this so that we can ensure the safety of our customers, and make sure everything is in full working order before we hand the vehicle over to the customer. What is different with TravelWorld is we do far more checks and in-depth checks to make sure the vehicle is safe and secure for the customer and in full working order.

If we find something that is not up to scratch with the vehicle, we will analyse that part or component to see what’s causing the issue and then we will address that issue; so if it’s, for instance, an out of date gas hose we will replace that, if it’s something like a damaged component, then we will assess that and see whether it needs a replacement of whether it can be mended.

What tests are performed on a used vehicle?

On a used vehicle, the main tests that we perform on a PDI are, we do complete vehicle damp testing, so we use electronic probes to determine the damp bleeding in the sidewalls for instance. We do that throughout the van. We do full gas test, which is in accordance to ACOP, and we do a CITO full electrical test on the vehicle. We do a chassis service on it and we send it for an MOT as well and have it MOT’d for vehicles that are of that age.

What about new vehicles?

On new vehicle PDI, the vehicle comes from the factory having been quality tested all the way through the build process. However, it’s not in a live condition for the electric and gas systems. So we have to plug in the gas systems and then check them to make sure they’re safe and certify them in accordance with law before we can hand the vehicle to the customer. Likewise with the electrical side, we have to initiate the electronics and make sure that they are safe.

Is TravelWorld fully qualified?

TravelWorld are an approved workshop scheme dealership. We have been approved by the NCC – that’s the National Caravan Council – as confirming to certain qualifications, so all out workshop staff are fully trained, fully qualified and certified to work on customer vehicles. Fully qualified means that staff are trained to the standards of the industry, so ACOP and CITO in particular, which is the gas and electric side. Certified means that they’ve actually gained a certification of competence in gas installation and electrical installation.

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