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Who Are Niesmann And Bischoff

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Who are Neismann + Bischoff

Niesmann and Bischoff are a high quality and premium brand from Germany. They have been going for over 30 years now.

Niesmann + Bischoff New and Used Motorhomes For SaleNiesmann + Bischoff New Motorhomes For SaleNiesmann + Bischoff Used Motorhomes For Sale

Originally a very small family style business that has now come under the umbrella of the Hymer group which gives it the bulk-buying power and the financial security that people look for when they are buying something top-end.

They’re quite a small company in relative terms compared to the other brands within the group, so they are only building 500 units per year.

What makes their motorhomes a premium option?

Niesmann have always been at the top of the tree in terms of brands, most of that is to do with the German build quality, construction methods that they use, the manufacturer’s are going forward in leaps and bounds now as far as design and technology etc. For instance they don’t like having doors on the side of drivers cab because it interferes with the rigidity of the box construction of the vehicle.

The options that are available within the brand almost go as far as to say they’re a bespoke brand, so you can tailor the vehicle exactly to your requirements. The fixtures and fittings inside are a higher level than anything else that we believe anything else out there. There is very little plastic involved in this vehicle, everything is metal and solid wood. No wood in the construction obviously. No thermal bridges within the construction and a big nod to winterisation.

What is the difference between the Flair and Argo ranges?

With a modern range like Niesmann, it’s dramatically smaller than most brands, so there’s only two other models within the range. The Arto is based solely on Fiat chassis and then Flair is the super premium range on the Iveco chassis. The Flair is the next level of winterisation where you go from 30 millilitres of wall fittings to 40 millilitres of wall fittings.

What is new in the 2014 Niesmann and Bichoff collection?

The new features you can find in 2014 Arto include a complete redesign of the exterior, which we are very pleased with. The Arto had been in its current form for six or seven years now.

As far as exterior, that is a completely different style,
very automotive, very sharply styled with lower exterior bodywork styling features.

LED lights, flush lockers on the side, central locking on the garage door and a complete refurb on the interior as well with contrast colour cabinetry, three base colours for the fabrics, two fabrics and one leather, and then with anything up to 40 different cushions available.

So it allows the customer to change the interior design of their vehicle whenever they like, so they haven’t got to have one colour throughout the ownership, they can have several different colours of cushions for the interior.

How difficult are Niesmann and Bichoff motor-homes to drive?

Often people feel a little concerned about driving integrated or A-Class models. But, one of the misconceptions is that there are a different physical size, in terms of body width and height, and they’re not, they are the same standard body width as any other motorhome in the industry, it’s just that the front cabin area is the same width as the body.

Personally, I’ve always found integrated models easier to drive, your sat at the full width of the body, in terms of position, you have height over other vehicles that you have in the increased vision is beneficial. Most of the Niesmanns that we carry in stock and or that we sell or have factory-fitted reverse cameras which will give very good vision, the windscreen and the side window design of the new Arto, they have been designed to give increased vision all round.

They make sure that when your sat in the driver’s seat at Niesmann+Bischoff it’s a panoramic view, every corner of the vehicle you can see whether it’s the enhanced wing mirrors or the view out forward and sideways to make that very easy. We genuinely encourage test drives so that people can get to grips, and 9 times out of 10, it’s something they take to like a duck to water.

Where can you buy a brand new Niesmann and Bichoff motorhome?

Travelworld are very lucky to have the sole right to the UK for Niesmann+Bichoff. This is something we negotiated with the factory early in 2009.

We are an established dealer over the years in the bigger higher end vehicles including the American ranges and we have got the expertise, knowledge and know-how in the workshops to cope with what this type of customer will really want.

Travelworld’s position in the country, we are very central in the UK, in Telford, Shropshire. We are one of the very few motor-home dealerships in the UK that operates a large indoor showroom, so that makes it the bulk of our premises for where we display the vehicles. We can store nearly 50 vehicles in our showroom. We also have a four-acre site with additional storage outside for other vehicles and we can also operate a showroom and sales centre all year round.

I think the key to it is being a family business and anyone, whoever walks through the door they are treated as a friend rather than a number. There is really only one place for new and that’s ourselves.

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