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Erwin Hymer Centre Grand Opening

Our grand opening event and the launch of the new Erwin Hymer Centre in Stafford featured Julia Bradbury and Jilly Goolden

Travelworld's New 5 Acre Site Showrooms

Travelworld are so excited about the new 5 acre premises ahead of us in 2018. Here's a CGI video showing things to come

Building A Flair in 4 Minutes at Niesmann + Bischoff Factory

Watch as this motorhome gets built in 4 minutes of video at the Niesmann + Bischoff factory in Germany

Niesmann + Bischoff Smove Showcase

Travelworld 40th Birthday Celebrations

Travelworld celebrated 40 years in business in 2017. We talk to staff and customers about their experiences with this long established brand.

Crash Test Film Niesmann + Bischoff

Watch as this liner gets put through its paces in a crash test by Niesmann + Bischoff

Flairbag - The Very First Liner with Airbag from Niesmann + Bischoff

Hymer Exsis-I

Take a look at the Hymer Exsis-I in all its glory

60 Years of Hymer History

Hymer is 60 years old and the company celebrates its anniversary this year. Watch this video which shows the company throughout its 60 year history. Happy 60th Anniversary Hymer and here's to the next 60.

Hymer DuoMobil

Take a look at the Hymer DuoMobil motorhome

Niesmann + Bischoff Smove Flair Metamorphose

This Characterises Hymer

Learn more about Hymer, the 'inventors of mobile travelling'. Find out about the processes undertaken by this premier German motorhome manufacturer

Watch video

The All New Carado Motorhome

Introducing the all-new Carado motorhome. Travelworld's Nick Barker talks us through the features and specifications of Carado's latest offering to the marketplace.

Caravan Times Coverage Of Hymer B Class Dynamic Line Launch Event

Watch the video of Caravan Times coverage at the launch event of the Hymer B Class Dynamic Line at Travelworld's showrooms

Travelworld's New Service Centre And Customer Care System Unveiled

Travelworld's Erik Baxendale talks through the recent Travelworld Service Centre refurbishment and goes over the new computerised customer care system

New Hymer B Class Dynamic Line Launch

Watch the unveiling of the new Hymer B Class Dynamic Line at Travelworld Motorhomes showrooms

Goldschmitt Air Springs In Action

Discover the Goldschmitt air springs in action in this video

Ross Edwards On The Showroom Refurbishment

Ross Edwards, MD of Travelworld on the renovation of the showrooms and service centre

Travelworld Showrooms Remodelling Project

Travelworld's Nick Barker talks through the recent project at Travelworld, which involved the planning and redesign of the showrooms at Telford to become more lifestyle designed for visitors

A Closer look at The Hymer B Class Dynamic Line

Take a closer look at the Hymer B Class Dynamic Line in this video with interviews with Ross Edwards, Managing Director of Travelworld

The All New Carado Perfect Ten

Travelworld's Nick Barker talks us through the exciting features and benefits of the new Carado Perfect Ten model. The newest addition to the Erwin Hymer Group of motorhomes

Cleaning Your Motorhome Stainless Steel Blanco Sink

Find out how to clean a Blanco stainless steel sink in your motorhome. Instructions directly from Hymer themselves

Niesmann + Bischoff Arto 78F

Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld Build Time Capsule

Video - Pre Delivery Inspection Checks On Motorhomes

What is PDI? Well PDI stands for pre-delivery inspection, so it’s the inspection that we do on a motorhome before it’s sold

Watch video and find out more about PDI

Goldschmitt Air Suspension

Watch out video giving an overview of the Goldschmitt air suspension system

Visit Goldschmitt air suspension video page

Travelworld Exclusively Hymer Brand Specialists Now

We’re very excited to be announcing a lot of changes coming up for the 2015 season. We’ll be carrying Hymer Car, Goldschmitt, Hymer, Carado and Niesmann + Bischoff

Visit the video page

Who Are Niesmann + Bischoff?

Niesmann and Bischoff are a high quality and premium brand from Germany. They have been going for over 30 years now. Wanting to find out more about the Niesmann + Bischoff brand? Watch our video which looks in detail

Visit the video page

Niesmann and Bischoff Understated Luxury

I’d probably sum up the style of Niesmann+Bischoff to be understated, but to have engineering brilliance. They always make comparison with their German brothers in the automotive industry, as a motorhome manufacturer they strive to meet the same sort of levels of appearance and ...

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Niesmann and Bischoff Year Round Touring

Niesmann are popular for people who want to travel all year round because of the levels of winterisation within the vehicle. It seems that a great deal of our Niesmann customers will enjoy skiing. The last customers always go to Val d’Isere for an extended period over Christmas

Visit the video page

Travelworld Motorhomes Now Stocking Hymer Exsis T

The Exsis-t model is a brand new model for Hymer, and it’s the start of their range now of the low-profile models. The Exsis-t range has been designed alongside the Exsis-i as a lightweight motorhome, but the Exsis-t is a low-profile rather than an integrated model

Visit the video page

Travelworld Motorhomes Now Stocking Hymer Exsis I

The Exsis-i model is the start of the integrated model range – the A-Class range – and that fits about halfway up the entire range. Exsis-i is dynamic, it’s got agility, it’s narrower, fuel efficiency is very high and also it has the added benefit of decent payloads

Visit the video page

Video - Niesmann + Bischoff Motorhome Takes Luxury To The Next Level

Caravan Times interview's Travelworld's Managing Director, Ross Edwards, about the luxury which is the Niesmann + Bischoff brand

Video - Caravan Times Hymer Exsis I And Hymer Exsis T Review

Caravan Times interviews Managing Director of Travelworld, Ross Edwards, about the new Hymer Exsis I and Hymer Exsis T to discover what is so special about these two vehicles

Gold standard Goldschmitt accessorise your motorhome the premium way

Caravan Times interviews with Ross Edwards, Managing Director of Travelworld Motorhomes, and Erik Baxendale, Travelworld's Service Centre Manager, looking at the Goldschmitt range of motorhome accessories and the Goldschmitt brand as a UK offering

Video - Goldschmitt Road Springs

Erik Baxendale, Travelworld Motorhomes' Service Centre Manager talks about Goldschmitt's road springs accessories and the benefits available for those who have these fitted to their vehicles

Goldschmitt Hydraulic Levelling System

Goldschmitt are a German company owned by The Hymer Group who have been operating for around 30 years.

Visit the Goldschmitt hydraulic levelling system video page

Video - Gas And Electricity Testing On Motorhomes

TravelWorld treats safety with top priority. We do all we can to ensure every vehicle is completely safe before it leaves our premises. Testing of gas and electric systems on used vehicles is something that is not always taken seriously by other dealerships. We at TravelWorld ...

Watch video and read more about gas and electricity testing on motorhomes

Everything You Need To Know About Checking A New Or Used Motorhome

The list of checks we carry out on new and used motorhomes before sending them out to customers is incredibly extensive

The Travelworld Customer Handover Process

Jake Macquarie takes us through the whole customer handover process from start to finish. Find out what to expect when you buy a new or used motorhome from Travelworld...

Watch video and read about the Travelworld customer handover process

2016 Hymer Brand Range Update Video

Hymer Car 2016 Video

Hymer Car are Hymer’s van conversion range which were a new range for 2015. The van conversion for Hymers is built at the Hymer factory in Bad Waldsee. It is a full Hymer so it’s the same build quality you expect from Hymer, very high end cabinetry, and same materials used inside, exa

Watch The Video And Read The Transcript

2016 Hymer Van Video

Hymer Van is a semi-integrated, compact motorhome, less than five and a half metres and really no bigger than the average family estate car. Van has been reintroduced into the market after Hymer focusing on agility of vehicles, the focus there being where they’re driving the vehicle

Watch the video and read the transcript

Inside The Niesmann + Bischoff Factory

Take a look inside the Niesmann + Bischoff factory

Niesmann + Bischoff Arto 88EK Goldschmitt Review

What Motorhome reviews the Niesmann + Bischoff Arto 88EK with Goldschmitt air suspension

Travelworld Motorhomes Showrooms

Take a look around our showrooms and state-of-the-art service centre, where a warm welcome always awaits guests

Hymermobil ML-I

See the Hymermobil ML-I in action