There’s plenty to do in Anglesey. Our travel guide will give you some ideas to get you on your way with things to do and places to see.

Things to Do In Anglesey

There are activities and things to do in Anglesey to suit all ages, tastes and budgets.  Anglesey is located on the northwest coast of Wales and it is well known for its array of ancient sites and beaches. There are a lot of lovely walks that you can enjoy in the area and these are suitable for walkers of all abilities. Anglesey offers plenty of options for places to relax and kick back, regardless of whether you opt to do this on one of the beaches or by taking a stroll around non-beach areas.

Things to Do in Anglesey When It’s Raining

Damp weather does not need to spoil your holiday in Anglesey as there is still plenty to keep you busy.

Holyhead Maritime Museum

Holyhead maritime museum is located on the Newry Beach, and it offers a fascinating experience for people of all ages.  This museum enables you to take a step back in history and explore the oldest Welsh lifeboat station. At this attraction you can learn about gallant rescues, shipwrecks and what it would have been like to sail on the Irish Sea one hundred years ago.  As well as all of this you can explore the shelter used air raids dating back to WW2 and a huge collection of memorabilia dating back to WW2 and also WW1.  It is even possible to test the authentic air raid siren.

Sail Loft Heritage Centre

Sail Loft Heritage Centre is a great place to spend a few hours when the weather is not so nice.  This is an old sail loft located at Amlwch port and it has been developed into a heritage centre.  The centre has many displays of artefacts which reflect the industrial heritage of the local area.  There is also an exhibition that reflects the development of the mountain and the port, and this is well worth a visit.  This attraction is home to a coffee shop which provides the ideal location to sit and watch the activity on the port below.

Days Out for Couples in Anglesey

There is a lot of things that couples can enjoy in Anglesey and one of these is a lovely walk along Anglesey coastal path. If you enjoy cycling then there are many routes that you can cycle in this area.  There is a number of local markets that are bustling and these are home to many home-grown treats.

Aberlleiniog Castle

Aberlleiniog castle is one of the hidden gems in Anglesey and it is well worth a visit too.  This castle combines natural beauty with fascinating history.  This castle is a scheduled ancient monument and it is located at the heart of peaceful woodland on a nature reserve.

Places to Visit In Anglesey For Free

If you are enjoying a holiday in Anglesey but on a bit of a tighter budget do not worry as there is still a lot of things that you can enjoy.

Picnic on the Beach

You could go for a relaxing picnic on one of the lovely beaches in this areas and whilst you are there why not enjoy a bit of rock pooling and see what you can find. There are a number of places that are well worth a visit whilst in this area and these include the Menai suspension bridge, Llanddwyn island and dingle nature reserve.

Dingle Nature Reserve

Dingle nature reserve has been enhanced recently through the involvement of the local community and there is now wooden walkways that wind along Cefni and this allows access to all parts of the reserve.  This nature reserve is home to a vast of array of plants including blue bells, sweet chestnuts and beech in the springtime.  This area is home to an array of animals including frogs, butterflies, dragonflies and beetles to name a few.

Days Out for Families in Anglesey

There is many family friendly attractions in Anglesey and there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Anglesey Sea Zoo

Anglesey sea zoo is a great location and it will keep visitors busy for hours.  The zoo is home to forty tanks which are home to British marine wildlife. This zoo focuses more on the fascinating creatures that can be found across the coast of the United Kingdom such as lobsters, cuttlefish, octopus, seahorses and catsharks, therefore do not expect to see tropical fish, sea turtles and large sharks.  A trip to the zoo will educate you about the marine habitats in Britain and the conservation and research work that is being done to help them.

Pili Palas Nature World

One of the best attractions in Anglesey is Pili Palas nature world and this can offer a magical experience for people of all ages.  This attraction is great regardless of the weather and you can enter the steamy environment with waterfalls and experience the butterflies flying around.  There are species at this nature world to suit all interests as there is creepy crawlies (including scorpions, ants and tarantulas), meerkats and farm animals (including donkeys, goats , sheep, rabbits, pigs and guinea pigs). There is also a nature trail that you can explore where you can watch the alpacas. There is an indoor play areas where younger children can let off a bit of steam and older children can explore the outdoor adventure playground complete with a zip-wire.

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